Three Looks With Jimin Lee

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Jimin Lee is an Atelier Doré retreat devotee. That is to say she’s been to two of two, so she’s batting 1000 over here.

I was lucky enough to meet her in the Atacama and from our first interaction I was hooked. She is kind, worldly and wise. Splitting her time between Shanghai and Milan, she is the Co-founder of Translatio, a fashion and lifestyle brand management company, but what I’m most excited by is that she’s designing again for herself with her own namesake line, J.Cricket.

She wore the pieces throughout our time in Chile and everyone cooed over their shape, versatility and packability (!!), the whole line was designed to be packed.

It took some convincing to get her in front of the camera, but I’m so glad I did because behold this chicness …

Three Looks With Jimin Lee
Three Looks With Jimin Lee

What inspired you to create J.Cricket?
I have been travelling around the world for the better part of my life – as a foreign student, as a professional in the fashion industry, as an expatriate living abroad, and for pleasurable getaways. Packing to suit different locations, climates, and needs started to take on a theme that centered around lightness, versatility, ease of movement, and comfort without compromising on style and beauty. That is how J.Cricket’s collection of items came to be.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
The bubble blouse, the tent dress, and the duster gilet are three styles that I take with me everywhere.

Can you talk a bit about how you design your own prints that are used in the line?
J.Cricket’s pieces are meant to work with one’s own wardrobe— the wearer dictates the look, so as to make it their own. Our colors and prints are inspired by a familiar vocabulary— stripes, dots, leopard , flowers, foliage—in a sophisticated palette that’s refreshing. We produce all of our pieces in Italy, sourcing the best fabrics from Italian mills as well as up-cycling beautiful remnant fabrics from Como, an area that has a rich heritage in textile weaving.



Three Looks With Jimin Lee



Beyond J. Cricket, what are you a few of your must have travel items?
Lots of scarves to change a look and to protect, good books, a beautiful notebook, a pair of shades, and earrings.

Favorite place to travel to?
Anywhere close to the sea. The Mediterranean is a favorite destination but I always dream of discovering a new part of the world. Going to the Atacama desert in Chile was a magical experience.

Three Looks With Jimin Lee

All clothing pieces worn by Jimin are from her J.Cricket collection, found here.


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