The Elevated Slip Dress

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4 years ago I purchased an olive green silk slip dress with an asymmetric hem for $60 from H&M’s Conscious line. Since then it has been my go to frock for any and all occasions as soon as the warm weather hits. There is nothing in my wardrobe that makes me feel prettier and more like myself.

The elevated slip, as we’ve coined it, is so much more than the slinky number you keep for intimate moments. Thoughtfully constructed with delicate details, it elegantly drapes the shape of the woman who wears it, almost like a second skin.

I think the secret is really in the details that go unnoticed. Like where the hem lays, how the straps cross the silhouette of your back, empire waist stitch vs. free form. All of these characteristics equate to the statement of the design.

Take this slip our lovely friend Colleen is wearing as the perfect example – flirty, sensual, and timeless. What more could you ask for?

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Dress, HVN ; Shoes, Aquazurra ; Pouch, Cuyana


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  • Dear atelier,
    Recently i bought a beautiful long sleeve dress ( Cherry Picking Melinda Kleid Damen ) but when I searched through the internet I noticed it was labeled ” homewear” and now I have second thoughts about wearing it Outside or just Inside home. What does ” homewear” really means today?

  • Orangeufunny April, 29 2017, 7:28

    Hi- I found a picture of your dress online. I assume it means you can feel comfortable wearing the dress at home..that it is casual..not just for dressing up to go out. However, it does not mean that you can’t dress it up and go out or wear it with some cute flats or sandals and go out. It looks very versatile

  • And always be sure to accessorize with lots of sunblock.

  • I can’t agree more with you: it is all the small details, that may go unnoticed to the others, but to you wearing the dress – that makes you feel so great in it.

    It’s such a pity though that the dress here doesn’t cost 60 bucks….

  • Wearing what you feel good in is KEY! Great post! :) Keep up the lovely work <3
    -Jenna <3
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  • That is not a slip dress

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