The Belt Way

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Big coats, silky robes, and anoraks that need to stay on all day would be wise to befriend a belt.

Yes, that accessory in your closet often reserved for jeans is equally as appealing to the long jacket.

fashion 3 looks the belted waist atelier dore photo

fashion 3 looks the belted waist mira duma atelier dore photo

I love all the renditions too – like the structural Loewe belt Natasha added to an otherwise simple jacket. Or Mira’s monochromatic combination which is a bit more subtle.

Nothing says feminine flare quite like cinching something oversized at your waist!


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  • These looks are fantastic, and the wide belt and corset trend is wonderful. It’s good that women are once again accentuating their waists. (Within reason, of course.)


  • Chartrand Frédérique April, 13 2017, 9:38 / Reply

    Bonjour ! J’adore votre blog. Je le suis depuis des années. C’est vraiment bien ce que vous faite et vous pouvez être fières de votre travail ! Cependant, je trouve les reportages mode ces derniers temps trop pointus. Je n’arrive pas vraiment à y trouver de l’inspiration parce que trop loin du mode de vie des femmes de tous les jours. Vous montrez des pièces rares, chères et impossible à porter au quotidien. Je trouve que ça ne colle pas avec le reste de vos rubriques, beaucoup plus ancrés dans la “vraie vie”. Enfin, c’est mon humble opinion.

  • I think belts can add a lot! I’m just not great with accessories :)

    -Kirsten //

  • OMG, the cover look is amazing, I love these statement belts, but mixing them with patterns and texture is just insanely good!

  • I love that strip blouse, it looks so cute <3

  • HERRENDEZVOUS April, 13 2017, 10:17 / Reply

    Loved this & belts are such an important accessory! Great ideas!



  • This is so inspiring! I’ve never really mastered the art of the belt. Mainly because I’m 5′ 2″ with a very short torso. My dilemma is how I pull it off without looking like Steve Urkel! I think I need to start looking at Mira Duma for inspo. Thanks for these great looks!

  • I love these looks, which have more of a Kathryn Hepburn vibe than a 1980s Wonder Woman belt vibe.

  • J’aime le 2eme look mais pas la ceinture “peplum”. Une ceinture masculine suffirait (pour moi.) :-)

  • The belts here are stylish. So many times I’ve heard “I can’t wear a belt “.Not true you just need to find the right belt. The looks here give lots of great options. An adding bonus is these
    belts are fabulous for your posture. Posture and posture awareness is a huge part of looking good in your clothes.
    Dress The Part

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