Super Solids

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Brie Welch

Frills and fringe. Wild patterns. See-through fabrics. Straps that criss cross and encircle your body like a boa constrictor. These are the types of swimwear I am constantly confronted with when looking for a mature suit. Oh! And remember those one pieces with giant dolphin imagery reminiscent of the days of Lisa Frank? Horrifying. Really and truly. All of it seems so complicated!

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

Super Solids

Black side lace one piece, Zimmermann

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

Yellow one piece, Matteau ; Hat, G Viteri ; Earrings, Lady Grey

If this year’s directional muses in The New Cool have taught us anything about our common style preferences, it’s that these days it isn’t about being the center of attention with such obvious methods (par example: strutting around the pool deck wearing a bikini with beaded fringe dangling about, balancing on your YSL tribute stilettos with a self-satisfied smize all in hopes of attaining Beyonce status.) Instead, it’s about venturing back into the simple, well-made pieces that feel as though they’ve always been yours. Even as a kid I chose solid swimwear – my favorite a tangerine number with white piping! I’d still wear that actually, and am now wondering if perhaps The Gap will re-issue…(Gap, if you’re listening….)

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

One piece, Veronica Dreyer

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

Yellow two piece, Lisa Marie Fernandez ; Hat, Vintage

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

So, with the idea of pairing back in mind, a selection of my favorite solid colored swim for the season on the stunning Kathleen – because less is always more. And I think we’re all just trying to be that version of woman.

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

fashion solid swimsuit atelier dore photo

White suit, Eres ; Earrings, Lady Grey ; Hat, Clyde


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  • This is really a beautiful editorial piece. So elegant.

  • Sylvie June, 5 2017, 2:08 / Reply

    Loving your pieces, Brie. Great writing and always something to make me chuckle! Thanks.

  • I’m gone write you in French cause It’s something I mean deeply : J’aime ce blog , et j’aime les édits , mais voila je suis une femme avec des formes, des seins , des fesses, des bourlets et … oui parfois une épilation imparfaite … chaque fois que je tombe sur le site niveau maillot c’est toujours : plouf !
    Elles sont où les femmes comme moi …? le genre de maillot Que je porte c’est pas ca du tout … je ne le voit pas … ( peut-être que je n’ai pas tout vu ) je me permets d’écrire ca sur ce blog car je sais que montrer dès femmes avec des formes c’est quelque choses qui vous tient à cœur ;) alors voila mes formes je les aime et je trouve que ca peut être tellement créatif , montrer dès femme d’un certain âge en maillot aussi pourquoi pas … je suis sur que vous feriez un travail éditorial super canon et j’ai envie de voir ca ! Merci ;)

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