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Best friends doing best friend things…Our very first dual Style Story, with the ever bubbly Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie! They brought their British charm to the sunny coast of California for the launch of their new bag collection, aptly named Pop & Suki.

It’s nice to see women like Poppy and Suki really embracing feminine dressing, the softer side of things. Pinks, silks, florals all come naturally for them. And the thing about very best friends is that you often find yourselves dressing alike, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to share a few photos of two girlfriends with likeminded sensibilities, but with a slightly different approach…

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

Describe your style in a few words.
Suki: Moving and shaking

How do you think your wardrobe has been influenced by the time you’ve spent working in the film industry?
Suki: I’ve ended up with a terrible underwear drawer. There’s only nude thongs to be seen.

When it comes to style, what’s most important : comfort, beauty, or innovation?
Poppy: I adore being comfortable, and that of course leads to feeling yourself and that is always beautiful.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Suki: No one in particular that I always gravitate to. There are women like Emma Stone, Sienna Miller or the Fanning sisters that I think look fantastic.

On Poppy: Dress, Proenza Schouler ; Sandals, Pierre Hardy / On Right: Bag, Pop & Suki ; Slides, Pierre Hardy

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

Style Story / Pop + Suki

Most impractical fashion item you own?
Suki: I’ve got some ridiculous things I can’t let go of. Sheer dresses are quite impractical, it’s a whole other job getting it right underneath.

Tell us about your bag brand Pop & Suki. Do you remember where you were when the idea sparked ? How did it come to fruition from concept to product?
Suki: The idea came from late night chats in bed. It was one of those things I had on my dreams list in my diary for about a year. Then we got it together and Poppy met our CEO Leo and our business marriage commenced.

As best friends, have you ever shown up wearing the same look? And what do you think about friends who coordinate together ?
Suki: We did actually once wear the same item out. We quite enjoy twinning!

On Suki: Blazer, Chanel ; T-Shirt, Re/Done ; Jeans, Citizens of Humanity ; Slides, Pierre Hardy ; Sunglasses, Gatto / Below: Loafers, Newbark ; Sandals, Chanel

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo

Style Story / Pop + Suki

fashion suki and poppy garance dore photo


OK. Rapid Fire!

Heels or flats?
Poppy: Heels.
Suki: I like wedged flats, sneaky heels really.

Skirt or dress?
Poppy: Dress.
Suki: Dress please.

Lake or ocean?
Poppy: Ocean ohhhh lake? ah can’t decide.
Suki: Ocean, it heals.

Blow dry or air dry?
Suki: Blow dry. We need our blow drys. However much I love an open top car air dry, my hair needs to be in the hands of a professional!

Minimalist or maximalist?
Poppy: Minimalist.
Suki: that’s a toughie. The pendulum swings from wanting to be out there and then hide away.

Skinny dip or skinny jeans?
Poppy: Skinny dip.
Suki: Skinny dip, absolutely!

On Suki: Dress, Rochas ; Loafers, Newbark / On Poppy: Dress, Edun by The Line ; Sandals, Rosetta Getty

Style Story / Pop + Suki

On Poppy: Blouse, La Ligne ; Pants, Burberry / On Suki: Blouse, Burberry ; Bra, Araks ; Panties, Araks
Thank you Suki & Poppy! | Pop & Suki | @popandsuki


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