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Alexandra Golovanoff is no stranger to the Atelier. We’ve shown her style here and here, and even dove into her beauty routine here. But that was years ago! This is now and we wanted more! So, voila! More it is. Enjoy!


Describe your style in 3 words.
Classic, twisted, simplicity.

What’s most important when it comes to style: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
If possible, I prefer to keep the three. I need comfort but it definitely has to be stylish. Beauty can be in the color, the fabric, the details. And modernity is very important to my point of view. By modernity, I mean to create something for now, right now!

Most valued thing in your closet?
Very old pairs of jeans, shoes, bags from Hermes, or collectors’ items from Vuitton.




Are there things you don’t wear?
I don’t wear very high heels anymore… but especially with fashion, never say never !

I read that your parents are antique dealers. How did their passion for making old things new again influence your personal style? Do you tend to gravitate toward vintage or are you generally more focused on the craftsmanship behind the pieces you choose to invest in?
Definitely, this is very important to me. We love beautiful things from the past because they are…beautiful. The way they are made, the hand of the craftsman, painter, sculptor or whoever made it. The material, wood, stone etc, its very noble. The history of a piece of furniture. I am very touched by that. It gives value.


When it comes to your line of cashmere sweaters, what do you value most about the design process? How do you prioritize quality, sustainability, construction, etc? Do you see yourself expanding the line beyond sweaters?
I want to bring something that can seem very simple, but that is not so simple. The colors are different from other brands. I work a lot on the fit, to offer this little something that makes all the difference.

The quality is very important, I want the pieces to last very long, for years or decades ! It is a form of slow fashion based on the idea that you can keep a sweater you like forever. And of course, we are now expanding the line to bottom pieces like cashmere leggings (they are just amazing) and sweat pants. And introducing a cotton line along the same idea: colors and the finest quality of fiber. It is only the beginning…

It’s no secret that you are an extremely accomplished woman, but I have to ask, what’s next for you? Is there something you haven’t done yet that you aspire to achieve and how does your style play into the growth of the woman you already are and will continue to become?
I’ve already had different lives! I was a slasher before the appearance of this concept. Now I am starting my designer/entrepreneur life. For example, there is a lot to do like having a good representation of my brand in the US. We are already at the Webster, but we need to expand! This brand and collection are so close to who I am in terms of style, but also in my way of thinking, behaving, etc… All my background, story, values, DNA… are enmeshed in my designs!

Jumpsuit, Vintage; Earrings, Van Rycke; Ring, Charlotte Chesnais; Shoes, Gucci
Sweater, Alexandra Golovanoff Tricots; Jeans, A.P.C.; Shoes, Carven; Ring, Hermes


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