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It comes as no surprise that Sophie Endrey is the brand director for one of our favorite brands from down underEllery! Her mix of flared pants, eye candy tops, and sporty details is like the ultimate ode to Australia (a sun drenched lifestyle where you get to enjoy the finer things in life, like Vuitton). Wanting to find out more about the witty woman behind all those cool pants – we met up half way, in Paris nonetheless, to catch a bit of blonde ambition!

fashion 3 looks sophie endrey garance dore photo

fashion 3 looks sophie endrey garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Retro / modern, kinda?

What is your ideal outfit to wear everyday, your uniform?
A pair of flares or high-waisted navy jeans with a skater tee or turtleneck sweater and the same jewelry every day. Not that I have skated ever in my life.

I like a thick cotton tee with a high-ish neck in black or white. Oh, and always a cross-body LV bag so my hands are free. I usually wear a slightly chunky shoe too. I’m sort of short with a tall personality – it’s deceiving.

fashion 3 looks sophie endrey garance dore photo

fashion 3 looks sophie endrey garance dore photo

You have such cool pants! What’s your trick for finding the perfect pair?
I’m always in pants and they are usually the starting point of my outfit. I prefer business uptown and for the party to happen downtown, with a pair of flares or velvet pants.

They always need to be high-waisted and flattering on the bottom and most importantly, they need to be comfortable.

How has working as the brand director at Ellery influenced your personal style?
I find it hard to recall my style BE (before Ellery) as I have been with the company for almost 8 years and definitely come from the ‘school-of-Ellery’ when it comes to fashion choices.

Ellery has taught me to be my most comfortable in a bold pant, experimenting with volume and balancing out a dressy ensemble by playing it down.

I think wearing the brand confidently requires a certain casual nonchalance.

Sophie Endrey

Look 1: Jeans, Louis Vuitton ; T-Shirt, LQQK DSM ; Neckband, Versace ; White Boots, Ellery / Look 2: Blue Long Sleeve Top, Ellery ; Flare Pants, Ellery ; Look 3: Orange Sweater, Louis Vuitton ; Flares, Ellery ; Boots, Céline ; Sunglasses, Acne / Worn throughout: S Ring, Chloé ; Bag, Louis Vuitton ; Slap Band, Louis Vuitton ; Blue Sparkle Cuff, Céline ; Asymmetrical Earring, Louis Vuitton


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  • Kind of reminds me of Austin powers!

    -Kirsten //

  • What I really like about this post, the looks all belong to the same girl. What I mean by that is so often you see forced looks that don’t belong . This post focuses on a style that unifies all the looks . The flare pants are a favorite. Thanks for another great post.
    Dress The Part

  • Quand j’ai commencé à suivre Garance, le site s’ouvrait directement en français. Un jour ça a commencé à s’ouvrir en anglais, mais je n’avais qu’à toucher “FR” pour que le changement de langue s’effectue. Depuis l’arrivée de Atelier Doré, le “FR” est toujours là, mais il est inactif. Est-ce normal? Si c’est un choix, ce serait peut-être bien de l’annoncer.

  • Bonjour
    Écris et tu sera sur la version française.
    Belle journée

  • Merci merci merci!

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