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Chains, rivets, patches – but minuscule! It seems that carrying a noticeably smaller bag that didn’t skimp on the toughness was a common theme among fashion week go-ers.

Unquestionably, the bag that does not double as a weekender is most certainly lighter, easier to manage, and won’t find you carrying every trinket and emergency bandaid, paperback novel, handful of nuts, or 15 variations of lipsticks (I’ve seen it, I know that girl) with you all day long. That isn’t to say nothing fits in these peewee pochettes. No, in fact, I’m here to tell you ALL the necessities fit just perfect. My mophie, a lip balm, keys, a concealer, card wallet, even my hand lotion – all snuggly together like a fashion jigsaw.

fashion detail handbag garance dore photo

fashion detail handbag garance dore photo

Carrying a top handle mini bag also serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, even to simplify. Because it’s hard to stroll, bag in hand, while on your phone and drinking coffee all at once. I would know, I’ve tried – imagine juggling only less fun and you’re not good at it.

fashion detail handbag garance dore photo

All of this to reaffirm the idea that the aforementioned diminutive bag really is tough, just by knowing that it can do everything your oversized hobo can, only without weighing you down?


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