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Sweet as a peach (pun intended!) – that’s how I would describe the pint-sized Georgia native, Reese Blutstein. Any girl who counts thrifting as a means to standing out is ace in my book. Reese’s style is simple with a youthful edge, so while she was in New York visiting (in what was possibly the coldest spring week) – we caught up with her donning turtlenecks and drinking tea…

fashion 3 looks reese blutstein atelier dore photo

fashion 3 looks reese blutstein atelier dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Minimal, structured, inventress.

What is your ideal outfit to wear everyday, your uniform?
Either jeans or trousers, I am very much a pants everyday type of person. For a top, either a blouse tied in a funky way or a printed tee. Shoes are where I like to spend most of my time (and money) because you can have a simple outfit but if you add a crazy cool shoe, the outfit automatically stands out.

fashion 3 looks reese blutstein atelier dore photo


You seem to have quite the collection of sweatshirts! Do you have a favorite, and why?
I do have a few sweatshirts, because when it’s cold, it’s my go to. It’s kind of fun to style something that is often viewed as “lazy” in a cool way. I like to style a sweatshirt with some printed pants and a statement jacket on top. My favorites are by Collina Strada. She deconstructs sweatshirts which I really appreciate – the idea of something simple that’s designed in a new, unexpected way.

How has growing up and living in Atlanta, Georgia influenced your personal style?
It’s forced me to think outside the box. There’s a certain style among a lot of women in the south that I don’t relate to. So I think I was constantly trying to find new ways to wear things that weren’t like everyone else. That was the main reason I got into thrifting because I knew it was a guaranteed way to not wear the same thing as the people I come in to contact with everyday.

fashion 3 looks reese blutstein atelier dore photo

fashion 3 looks reese blutstein atelier dore photo

Look 1: Striped blazer, The Frankie Shop ; T-shirt, The Frankie Shop ; Jeans, Vintage / Look 2: Sweatshirt, The Frankie Shop ; White pants, Everlane ; Bag, Axel Arigato / Look 3: Knit Pants, Pixie Market ; Tan blazer, The Frankie Shop


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