Rainy Days

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Sometimes you meet the team behind a brand and things just click—like a first date gone really well. You know, the other person is just so cool and really just gets you. At least, that’s what it was like that the first time we met the team from Stutterheim. They came to our office for a simple introduction and two hours later we were swept up in each other’s worlds—theirs of Swedish melancholy, and ours of creativity, femininity and playfulness.

I love the simplicity of the design of their raincoats, as well as their fabrics. I love their unisex cuts. So when they offered for me to design a coat I was like yes! yes!!! I knew right away I wanted it to be happy and playful. What better than a clear fabric to play with the underneath layers… And what better than our soft pink to brighten a rainy day? (and especially a day like today, if you know what I mean…!)

stutterheim garance dore photo

stutterheim garance dore photo

This coat is something that’s been in the works for a long time. And it was so refreshing to collaborate with a brand who understood my attention to details: getting the cut of the coat just right, the translucent fabric, how we could use the abstract shapes that ran throughout Love x Style x Life to give the coat the perfect pattern and a sophisticated playfulness.

It’s been pretty wonderful to wear the prototype and to have been stopped on the streets (many times!) and asked, “where’s your raincoat from?” and to be able to answer:


stutterheim garance dore photo

stutterheim garance dore photo

stutterheim garance dore photo

Thank you to Stutterheim for the opportunity. I was extra happy to receive this note from their team this morning:

I find comfort in our wording about the coat being made in celebration of the modern woman, in collaboration with Garance, a strong and classy woman. Because we apparently really need to celebrate strong, modern and classy women right now.

And here is where you can find my coat !


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