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“I travel a lot for work and prefer a combination of professional, stylish, and comfort — with a dose of creativity of course. Oh, THE BAG, is also very important. I always need a big bag that I can throw everything in. My bag is like a home for my most important belongings. I believe in a “dress for success” approach. The way you dress CAN boost your confidence and career.

The most important thing when I’m getting dressed is comfort. You can’t look good if you don’t feel good. The quality of fabric and the cut is also extremely important; an outfit has to fall right with your body and match your proportions for a perfect fit. I always try to find the clothes that fit me well rather than follow the fashion trends. I’m a graphic designer first and foremost, but I’ve always had a love affair with fashion. Fashion is really like an art form to me. I appreciate all the details, the cutting, and the pattern making that goes in to the creation of a garment. I think it’s very exciting to see new designers experiment with classic collections by interjecting the latest technology. SMART fashion is a growing industry.

One of my wardrobe must haves is a black Balenciaga leather jacket for travel. I can throw it on before a flight, but also pair it with a dress at an evening event. You can never have enough white shirts and black pants. That’s my uniform. A great pair of riding boots for the winter/rain season, and oversized round sunglasses from Anna Valentine. I wear them day and night.”

– Pum Lefebure as told to Atelier Doré


Pum may visit New York quite often, but she resides in Washington, DC, where she is the Chief Creative Officer of Design Army, which she co-founded with her husband Jake. Oh, and she grew up in Thailand! She’s a real citizen of the world, a stylish one at that.

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