Noor Fares in New York

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Erik Melvin

A couple weeks ago we visited jewelry designer Noor Fares while she was showing her new collection in New York. She set everything up for a (not so little) soiree at the SoHo studio of artist Francesco Clemente, a close companion of hers.

Many of her pieces are inspired by both geometry and her Lebanese roots, leaving us wanting to find out a bit more about Noor’s world and work.

noor fares garance dore photo

noor fares garance dore photo

What inspires you? Do you feel like your jewelry is influenced by those inspirations?
I am inspired most when I travel and my latest collection Akasha draws influence from ancient symbols I discovered while visiting India and Burma. I am also a naturally curious and spiritual person so I try to interpret this into my design through researching and developing different ideas.

Could you tell us about how your relationship with friend and artist Francesco Clemente?
Francesco Clemente has been a family friend for many years and he painted my first portrait.

How did you curate the space, Francesco’s art studio, to reflect your sensibilities for this presentation?
We decided to keep the space very organic to reflect the beauty of the space. I worked with Anna Karlin to create beautifully designed plexi plinths with white sand and white quartz crystals to display the Akasha collection. The plinths, along with the tall and arched windows in Francesco’s studio, touch upon the geometric designs which are a part of the DNA of the brand. Lastly, to complement the spirituality influence of the collection, there was live music from gong bath artist Jarrod Meyer from Brooklyn Healing Arts.

Your jewelry is filled with symbolism and subtle geometry, do you think your Lebanese roots helped guide you in that direction of aesthetics?
There is definitely some link between my work and how I dress. I always love to layer my jewelry with contemporary and vintage clothing. I am also not afraid of color, which is influenced by my Lebanese upbringing.


noor fares garance dore photo

Noor Fares in New York

noor fares garance dore photo

noor fares garance dore photo

noor fares garance dore photo

Dress, Nippon Boutique ; Shoes, Prada ; Earrings, Noor Fares Sri Yantra Chandbali / Right Hand: Bracelets, Noor Fares ; Cuff, David Gill; Pink ring, Noor’s Own ; Ring Finger, Noor Fares Tilsam Aurora / Left Hand: Index Finger, Noor Fares Sri Yantra Hava Ring


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