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Our retreat in Morocco was a hotbed of effortlessly cool, multi-talented ladies. So it’s no surprise that we were compelled to feature another one of these cooler than cool ladies! Meet Héloïse! She’s a striking French beauty with an ability to not only whip up a seasonal meal, but set the tone and the atmosphere for the perfect dinner party. She became so well known for this curation that she started a company, Miss Maggie’s Kitchen, that publishes seasonal journals of recipes and curates a box of treasures to match the season. It started as a hobby, but with Héloïse’s refined taste, it simply grew from there. Read on to find out more about her style ethos and the inspiration behind Miss Maggie’s Kitchen!



Blouse, Marie Lichtenberg; Jeans, Rouje; Shoes, Lanvin; Earrings, Vintage; Necklace, Vintage.

“This navy blouse is designed by one of my best friends, Marie Lichtenberg. It was part of her Kama Sutra collection and was hand embroidered (80 hours of work!) in Mumbai, India. The jeans are by Rouje, a very feminine Parisian brand, I love that they are high waisted and sublime a real woman’s silhouette! ;) I rarely wear heels (I’m tall so I can get away with it!) but I love colorful shoes so these Lanvin mocassins are perfect! My personal style varies slightly with the seasons and as well with where I am (city, countryside, beach)… but I think it has an easy bohemian casual chic feel.”

Eloquent Héloïse

“One of the most important qualities of an outfit is that I have to feel comfortable in it (and by that I don’t mean wearing sweatpants or yoga clothes all day!). If I am constantly having to reajust an outfit, there’s a problem. Another quality is that it has to reflect who I am inside out. With time (age) I feel you know and accept your body, you learn & know what shapes & style are made for you and you stop following trends that don’t fit you! You create your own style, which is so much better as it is unique! I also feel details (like embroideries on a blouse, accessories or jewelry) are important – for example, sometimes I wear a basic white tshirt, but the look will completely change depending on the jewelry I choose to wear (a big necklace or discreet earrings).

My must have wardrobe items include a button-down masculine shirt, jeans, a cashmere sweater, a long dress (that can be worn day or night), a pea coat, a marinière — I’m french! :) And I feel naked without my lucky charm necklace!”

Eloquent Héloïse

Blue Gingham Dress, Made by Héloïse; Leather bag, Ralph Lauren.

“I officially launched Miss Maggie’s Kitchen in July 2017. It was not planned, it sort of happened naturally. The name comes from our home in Normandy – it sort of looks like an old British lady, so we had baptized the house Miss Maggie and when I published the first journal in Dec 2016 for friends & family, I named it Miss Maggie’s Kitchen. At the time, I did not think it would be a business, but the name stuck!

I publish a journal of seasonal recipes four times per year and curate a box of treasures (a mix of food, lifestyle, jewelry, artisan work… my “coups de coeur” or discoveries). The recipes I develop are very family style, memories of childhood, family gatherings. Food brings people together, whether they are family, friends or complete strangers. In France, what I love is that during a meal, people love to talk about food… it’s a true passion here! My recipes are not complicated, my goal is for people to feel relaxed and happy when they are in the kitchen (my favorite room of any house). I make a point of following the seasons, choosing good products (not necessarily all organic, but at least knowing where they come from) and subliming their tastes. I donate 10% of sales to Action contre la Faim (Fight Hunger Foundation). It is important to me to give back and be conscious that we are privileged to have food on our table.”

– Héloïse as told to Atelier Doré


Heloise Atelier Dore

Heloise Atelier Dore

Handbag, Vintage; Snake bracelet, Mallarino; Fish Charm; Mallarino; Eye Charm, La2l; Tank, J.Crew; Jeans, Zara; Summer coat, Naushad Ali; Sandals, K. Jacques; Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton.


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  • I love the post about Héloïse! I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting her at the retreat and her style is wonderful! LOVE reading about her too!!!! :)

  • While the clothes are all beautiful and Heloise seems lovely, I am disappointed that Atelier Dore is still showing clothes from Zara, which is known to use slave labor. I thought one of your goals was to promote ethically produced fashion. But, perhaps, I am misremembering.

  • A strong sense of self gives you a strong personal style . I love the ease with which Heloise dresses . Simple , elegant and chic! Qualities I often associate with French style.
    Dress The Part

  • A smart pigeon February, 22 2018, 2:29 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup l’univers d’ Héloïse dont je suis le parcours via Instagram depuis environ un an. Je trouve son univers hyper inspirant – les photos de Christophe Roue sont sublimes… – et les recettes à la portée de toutes. Sa Pavlova et ses lasagnes veggie font partie de mes classiques+

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira February, 23 2018, 2:47 / Reply


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