Crisp Cotton Poplin

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Photos Alice Gao
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Sometimes I day dream about taking a squeegee to my brain and wiping away all the layers of gunk that are clouding my creative output. I want a palate cleanser for my brain. An ability to see and look at things the way a child would look at them without years of clutter (i.e. life) clouding what I see.

I think this fashion editorial is the equivalent of that squeegee.

And it couldn’t come at a better time, on the cusp of summer, when everyone wants to hit refresh on their wardrobes. We want easy clothes that allow us to move so we can focus on breathing in that salty sea air. There’s no better material to help us embrace the child-like wonder of summer than cotton poplin.



Crisp Cotton Poplin

Cotton poplin is both light and breathable while remaining crisp and sturdy. The opportunities for design are endless and the pieces speak for themselves.

Videographer, Taylor Hang.

That’s why, Jessi (a stylist who we work with often), styled these pieces as modern and minimalist, she knows that quality speaks louder than quantity.

Alice was able to capture a spontaneity and lightness in movement that I think we all feel whenever our feet touch the beach.



Crisp Cotton Poplin
Crisp Cotton Poplin

The only thing more squeegee gratifying than a new cotton poplin piece in my wardrobe is a trip to the beach. I think my pulse immediately slows down upon seeing that horizon line when the grandeur of the ocean puts everything in perspective.

Crisp Cotton Poplin
Crisp Cotton Poplin

Shirt, Nehera; blue shirt, Nehera; trouser, Fabiana Pigna; sandals, Mari Giudicelli; bag, Trademark; earrings, Rachel Comey.

Shirt, Fabiana Pigna;
Dress, Shaina Mote; Earrings, Rachel Comey.

Dress, Nehera;
Sandals, LOQ; Hat, Clyde.

Shirt, Khaite; Skirt, Fabiana Pigna ;
Sandals, LOQ; Bag, Lauren Manoogian Rachel Comey .

Shirt & Trouser, Nehera; Sandals, Mari Giudicelli ; Bag, Lauren Manoogian ;
Earrings, Rachel Comey .


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  • It’s the most wonderful feeling to put on poplin cotton when it’s hot (and when it’s not)! Maybe you want to have a look at my crisp artwork @fabiduister?

  • J’adore ce post ! Les vetements, la vue sur la mer, les videos et la musique avec un petit fond Memoirs of a Geisha.
    Sans oublier la sublime Stephany. Merci !

  • beautiful…and what is that haunting music?

  • I happy to now know about the Nehera and Fabiana Pigna lines, Thank you! For me cotton is without a doubt my go to summer fabric. Nothing looks or feels better when it’s hot.

  • Hi Prima,

    Happy to hear you are enjoying the brands in this post! Their quality is superb and so many great styles to choose from :)

    Tori x

  • The pure delight of crisp poplin . I have worked
    with many fabrics and poplin is always a favorite. The summer demands breathable fabrics . What a beautiful collection you have put together. Now bring on the summer !
    Dress The Part

  • c’est incroyablement mal traduit !

  • How beautiful this is! The images, the moves, the model, the music, the fabric and clothes! Thank you!!

  • Rosemary May, 7 2018, 6:57 / Reply

    The music is brilliant! Makes the editorial so much more relatable.

  • Nancy V. May, 8 2018, 5:52 / Reply

    Great work on fabric materials, Tori. very nice post

  • Thank you, Nancy! The stylist,Jessi, and I had a lot of fun with this story!

    Tori x

  • this was the most gratifying thing to watch. omg – seriously, the best way to start my morning before work! beautiful post!

  • Quelle beauté!

  • Magnifique… la sensation que j’ai à la lecture et écoute de cette page est indescriptible. Bravo à toutes pour ce travail: la vidéo, la photo et la musique en même temps, ça apporte tellement plus que ce qu’un magazine traditionnel propose! En plus de promouvoir un style loin du “show off” que l’on retrouve ailleurs, vous êtes toujours incroyablement créatives et vous testez toujours de nouveaux formats… c’est vraiment un grand plaisir de vagabonder sur ce site!
    Bonne journée à toutes,

  • Phindile May, 15 2018, 3:57 / Reply

    Love love love this editorial. Perfect inspo for my italian honeymoon. Also WHAT IS THIS SONG? its so good I died. Please please share. have tried to shazam it and nothing…

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