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Describe your style in three words.
Wore it yesterday.

What is your definition of style versus fashion?
Fashion is an industry—the business of. Style is something wholly unique—like a fingerprint of sorts. It’s what you do with individual pieces—how you wear them and make them your own.

How does New York, or the other places that you live or travel to, affect your style?
You can wear pretty much anything here and no one will bat an eye, which feels incredibly liberating and freeing. On top of that, the streets provide endless inspiration and encourage you to try pulling off that one thing that the 18-year-old version of yourself wouldn’t have dreamed trying in your suburban hometown. As far as traveling goes, I have a soft spot for the southwest and the west coast in general. Traveling there makes it feel wholly appropriate to wear a Stetson every day. I also tend to indulge the living daylights out of my inner bohemian when I’m out there too (read: flowy floral dresses and the like). The compulsion to find a field of tall grass and make my husband take a picture of me is so very real.

What is your ideal outfit or uniform?
The perfect pair of vintage high-waisted Levi’s and a tee.

Who are your style icons?
Lauren Hutton, Angelica Huston, old school Cher, Jane Birkin, Joan Didion, Francoise Hardy

How has your style changed as you’ve gotten older?
I think as you get older you start to feel more comfortable in your own skin and with that comfortability comes the ability to know what works for you. I feel like when I was younger I would admire someone else’s style and try to emulate it only to realize that it just wasn’t me – just because something looks great on someone else doesn’t mean it’ll look great on you—If it’s truly not you it’ll just look like a costume.

Lisa Przystup is a writer and friend of the site who also contributed some great beauty pieces, like this one or this one. You can find her and her musing on Instagram, here.

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