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We are continuing our week of stylish LA ladies with Kate Parfet! If I had to sum up Kate in one word it would be cool. There is no doubt about it. She is so incredibly chill that you would probably have no idea that she grew up in New York. I for sure didn’t guess it. During our shoot, she casually gave us the best little tour of Highland Park, starting with an authentic bodega experience and ending with a fresh brewed coffee from a very trendy coffee shop. She immediately makes you feel welcomed and like a friend she’s known for years. So please, meet Kate!



Shoes, Adidas; Pants, Lykke Wullf; Top, Ciao Lucia.
Describe your style in 3 words.

60’s, 90’s amalgamation

Who are your style icons?

My grandma Betty, Susan Sarandon, Carolyn Bessette, Daria Werbowy

As a native New Yorker for most of your life, how has the transition of west coast living changed the way you dress day to day? How would you compare the LA style & culture to New York’s? Do you prefer one over the other and why?

Do I have to choose? I think the gap between LA and NY dressing is getting increasingly smaller. Style is traditionally more casual here, but warm evenings lend nicely to say a silk dress and heels out for dinner. Back east I like wearing tennis shoes with oversized coats. I used to trek around in dressier pieces but between the elements and all the walking I’d rather keep it comfy.

We talked a lot about vintage during our time with you and it’s obvious that you enjoy incorporated such pieces into your wardrobe on a regular basis. What draws you to vintage and what are your tricks to making old pieces look new again in the outfits you wear?

I like the hunt. So many good finds right outside the city in places like Long Beach and Santa Barbara. I take most vintage to Katie at my neighborhood Highland Park Cleaners where we cut, dart and hem each piece to fit.

Is there a piece in particular that is most special to you and why?

My grandma Betty’s made-to-measure turquoise suede jacket from Spain. She was somehow my exact same measurements. I love seeing it in my closet every morning but don’t wear it that much in an effort to preserve.

Kate Parfet is a writer, model and co-founder with a book of poems, Mirror Domme, available here.

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