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While I’ve had the pleasure of emailing extensively with Georgia, our paths had never crossed in real life until last week when we met at the Ludlow Hotel for a coffee and I did the polite thing and waited all of thirty minutes till I blurted out, “What are you doing for the next thirty minutes? We have to get a street style of you in this outfit. Wait, let me call Bogdana right now, maybe she can come meet us.” Fifteen minutes later, Georgia was posing like the professional model she is and making me and Bogdana’s day. Because I mean, c’mon, those pants. Read on to find out the story behind them…

Can you tell us a bit about these amazing pants and the story behind them?
I found these pants in a now defunct vintage shop in the East Village called Rue St Denis. It was like one of those teen movies where the girl falls for the guy she doesn’t want to like, dismisses him, but they end up together in the end. I didn’t buy them, moved back to London, then sheepishly called the store and had them shipped all the way to London because I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Do you have any tips or tricks for shopping vintage and thrift?
Beware the one that got away. Nothing haunts you like the vintage you didn’t buy! That said, be realistic about who you are and what you wear. I’ve bought so many things for the person I’m going to be, which of course I never end up wearing. I also have a tailor that I take most of my clothes to. It’s the easiest way to turn something inexpensive into something really chic.

You are GLORIOUSLY tall. Do you think about your height when getting dressed?
I have definitely learned over the years that I need something to break up my mid section, otherwise it all gets very long and tubular. People think that when you’re tall you can wear anything, but it ain’t so. Also, my ankles get a lot of airtime.

Has your style changed since moving from New York to London? If so, how?
In London the number one question when getting dressed is “would this withstand a downpour?” In New York I feel more experimental, whereas in London I probably indulge more of the dark 90s vibe. I think as I get older I’m trying to get a bit more chic… but it’s probably just a phase!



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