A Street Style with Chloe Lecareux

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At the Atelier, we’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability. We love fashion, and shopping, for sure! But how can we indulge in a way that’s friendlier to our planet? It’s a question with plenty of answers (many of them imperfect!), and a path that seemingly never ends.

A Street Style with Chloe Lecareux

That’s just one of the reasons why we loved meeting Chloe! As you can tell, Chloe is a super chic, French model with je ne sais quoi coming out of her eyeballs. But there’s more! Chloe is a designer, as well. She launched her Mauritius-based brand, Bleu de Vous, with swimwear and casual pieces, many of which are eco-friendly. The jacket she wears here contains 11 recycled plastic bottles, which we love!

All this AND you know we dig a girl who rocks a dress with casual sneakers. So please, meet Chloe!

A Street Style with Chloe Lecareux


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  • Hi.Bonjour Atelier Doré Team !

    We are fan of your blog! Great posts!

  • Caroline August, 24 2018, 10:03 / Reply

    Really, the one answer to sustainable fashion is buying less and buying second hand. That’s it.

  • My thoughts EXACTLY!

  • Bonjour,
    Merci pour ce street style Bleu de Vous !
    Great post?

  • I often consider how to be more sustainable with fashion and it’s not always as easy as just saying buy less and wear secondhand.
    If you are trying put across a particular style or image it can be more difficult.
    First buying second , or consignment is great but you will need a good seamstress/tailor to fit the garments perfectly. The great thing is you don’t have to worry about wearing the same dress as someone else .
    My other tip is buy classic and buy quality. For example a quality trench-coat can last for years . By wearing classics it gives you the chance to play with accessories to update your looks .
    Let’s save the planet through creativity. My last tip is be creative. Sometimes with some ingenuity you can totally remake something that otherwise would end up in the land fill .
    Great post .
    Dress The Part

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