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Have you ever noticed how a pop of color can really make a difference in an outfit?

A yellow scarf here, a red patent leather pant there…. okay so maybe the bold leather pant isn’t for everyone, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have several pairs in the cue on certain, possibly overpriced AND possibly vintage-based websites. But the point is, even someone who counts 11 shades of black as different colors in her wardrobe should step out of her comfort zone every now and then. And certainly give a bright color a chance.

veronika heilbrunner asia typek garance dore photo

natasha goldenberg asia typek garance dore photo

I could get used to this whole color thing, what about you?


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  • There’s a friend of a friend who always dresses in black. BUT she wear oversized Iris Apfel-style round RED glasses, and always accessorizes with red shoes, red earrings, a red bag, etc. I can totally relate to buying the easiest, most available outfits (in black) and I admire her for not stopping there but going a step further, to bring in a vivid color. She always looks like a million bucks.

  • Are there still a lot of people running around in all black? Where they at?

  • Il faut mettre de la couleur ! A Paris en tout cas, on n’en met pas assez, toujours en gris, noir, beige… Allez, haut les coeurs, sortons les couleurs.

  • The model wearing the pink trousers at the top of the story is extremely thin!

    Perhaps you should look at using other some “models”?

    Break the mould and be at the forefront of a more honest body image for women, especially young girls.

    Will be interested to see if this comment gets past the moderator.

    Maybe you could reply to this??

  • Hi Linda! That’s Olga, founder of a shop in Moscow – not a model. We do our best to represent women of all ages, color, shape, and style. However we rarely make it a point to tell our readers when we do so. Make sure to check back often for all of our amazing stories with women like the In Her Words series , our Edits and features like the incredible Mimi Kirk

  • Wendy Wilson October, 16 2016, 6:13 / Reply

    I find it interesting that there will always be someone who comments on the “thinness” of somebody. People come in all shapes and sizes however clothes do look better on a tall and slim body (I am not saying thin.) Models are employed to do a job which is sell clothes and like all careers not everyone is suited. In this blog post, to me, it is clear that these are Street style “snaps” of real people wearing their own clothes. If anyone of the people shown was even a little larger than average would there be a comment on whether this was a healthy or honest body image? Obesity is a for larger problem (no pun intended) than Anorexia yet fat is seen to be healthy and thinness is unhealthy???

  • I like wearing color, particularly by my face. In the summer it’s a given but even in the winter- when I look at a table of sweaters I will gravitate toward a great green or hot pink. I have a lot of black but that isn’t always my first choice. When the blacks don’t match in an outfit that makes me a tad fussy!
    As far as body image is concerned (I didn’t notice their shapes until I read the comments) that is each individuals own perspective. In the modeling world models are slender and in the accounting world folks are good at math. Just the way of the world.

  • Did anyone noticed the heels in the first picture? And the pink trousers with ‘punk’ application on the knees? And the earings! This is soooo great outfit on a beautiful woman!

  • I love how adding color to your outfit gives you a positive and happy appearance!
    I just bought a bold yellow sweater ( and I couldn’t look happier in these grey winter days!

    Greets from Berlin,

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