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I hate having my picture taken. Especially posed shots for magazines where we have to explain in a picture what I do with my life. Like show that I take pictures, do illustrations, that I like style and joking around. And of course always, I have to have a computer in hand.

In general, it’s always pretty much a photo of me surrounded by outfits, with my camera in one hand, my computer in the other, and paint brushes in my mouth and all while jumping in the air because wahoooo! I’m funny! Pffff…. So depressing. I get it. I have a new kind of profession. But I mean like, c’mon, are we going to make Michael Jordan pose with a basketball or something? Yes? Oh…. Wait, really? So the day that David Burton called me and asked to take my photo for Interview magazine, I told him hang on, I’ll call you right back, I’ve got a really important call on the other line and I hung up. I put the phone down calmly, and then I screeched with joy. I love David Burton. And Interview is one of my Top 3 favorite magazines. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Once I calmed myself down, I called him back.  “Yes, hello? Sorry David, I’m SOOOO busy. Here’s what’s funny: David didn’t ask me to bring my laptop for the shoot, nor my camera, not a paint brush, not even my outfits. He actually asked me to bring nothing at all. But like really, NOTHING. “Would you be comfortable doing a semi-nude?” And then… I heard myself answer: “Yes. No problem.” What was going through my head right then? Nothing, in fact. It was the first time I’ve been asked that. I love the photographer. You only live once. Actually, I was excited. I thought I was somewhat prudish, but then I realized that we really do learn something new about ourselves each day. And I mean damn. For once there’ll be a picture of a style blogger without putting a mountain of outfits around her with a computer in hand. So hey, I can’t complain. Okay, we started talking. He wanted to do something a little softer*. We decided together on a white shirt. It’s okay, Mama, you can leave Interview on the coffee table. The day of the shoot was so awesome. It’s amazing how a good photographer makes you feel good, protects you and gives you motivation. So that’s how I found myself in little panties and a shirt with red lipstick, a fan and flashes pointing at me, feeling super comfortable in my body and taking breaks like a superstar because when it comes down to it, I hate getting my picture taken. Maybe it’s time for a career change. Hey Dita, do you give classes by any chance? ——- * And I was so ready to show the Full Monty, I unfortunately will have to disappoint. I want my money back! PS : You can read the interview here.

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