The beach with Australian Vogue

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“OH YES!!!” That’s exactly what I said when Georgie McCourt asked me to do a feature for Australian Vogue. The idea was to take two pages and cover them with a mix of illustrations, photos and texts to give my vision of fashion in Australia.  I love collages like this.  And I also love when I get this much freedom to express myself. It’s a rare gift that I savor each time. So I had a lot of fun with it and fast forward to now and voilà! It’s finally out!

If you read me often, you know how much I loved my trip. The fact that one of the country’s most beautiful magazines has given me the opportunity to once again say how much I looooooved my time there, it’s just so great! And it gives me the chance to come back to a subject that I didn’t get to talk about much when I was there. I was thinking a lot less about it back then as opposed to now when the thermometer just keeps going up and up, but here…

Beach style! Swimsuits! Australians go the beach all year round and so for them, it’s a real culture and the swimsuits have found their way into all the runway shows. That’s how I saw swimwear from a brand I only found out about at Aussie fashion week. They’re called Zimmermann and their collection of swimsuits I just couldn’t believe. They were just as beautiful as cocktail dresses (check out the photo above, drawing on top). It brought back my desire to wear one-pieces. If you would have told me that a few months back, no way I would’ve believed you. But hey, when I was there, didn’t see too many one-pieces on the beach, ha! And just for full disclosure, I haven’t figured out WHATSOEVER what I’ll be wearing on the beach this summer. Probably just like every other year, I won’t be able to find anything and then, depressed, I’ll tell myself that I’ll find something later and then in the end, I’ll buy whatever I can find at the beach shop for ten-times what I should’ve paid and three sizes too big three minutes before jumping in the water. So if for no other reason, I have to go back to Australia to 1/ see if the one-piece trend caught on, 2/ buy some Zimmermann suits, and 3/ go give big hugs to everyone over at Vogue! Yep. Definitely essential. Thank you to Clarice for the pictures of the magazine. You can also see more of them on her blog. And a big thank you as well to my dear Tim, my friend and ally who’s lost in the depths of the U.S., still helping me every day to put my words into English. Big hugs! Bonne journée! If you happen to see the perfect bathing suit somewhere, give me the tip, deal? What do you think, to one-piece or not to one-piece? And here is actually THE question… With a one-piece, do you have to roll it down to tan? Translation : Tim Sullivan

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