Yesterday Night Was A Fun Night

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Yesterday it was Fashion’s Night Out in New York, and it was crazy. There was a huge crowd in the street, everyone was happy and a little drunk hysterical, the Kardashians* were there driving people totally crazy, Anna Wintour was seen making her inspection in Soho streets, Bruce Weber was signing tee-shirts at the Standard, and million other things were happening in the streets.

As I told you yesterday I was making Garance on the Rocks*** cocktails at Phillip Lim with my friends and then I went to Phaidon where I met a lot of readers. Scott was here as well as Caley, Cara and our new recruit Emily. It was really cool.

I succeeded in getting away for a few seconds from making cocktails to take a few pictures as I promised (thanks Emily for the picture of me), at Phillip’s bar****.

As you will see my hair is down***** and I have a new color I have to tell you everything about. I also have a Garance tee-shirt I had done in a moment of self-love in an L.A tourist shop.

I have to tell you about love for a second: because yesterday I met a lot of readers of the blog and what they expressed to me moved me so much I wanted to tell them once again thank you for coming to meet me. And I would like to extend the love to all of you who come on this blog everyday. Thank you.


* They have a shop in Soho where they sell some clothes they have “designed” and also some bottles filled with TAP WATER FROM THEIR HOME (!!!!!!!!!!) that they sell for 10$.

** Anna is the mother of Fashion’s Night Out, she created it and she wants to make sure that everything is working according to plans.

*** Don’t ask me for the receipe, it was so good I drank too many I can’t remember.

**** See the discreet name-dropping ? Like, Phillip is soooooo my friend.

***** I didn’t lie to you, right ? It is huge !!!!


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