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Pay no mind to the bizarre title. I had this idea of making an entire slideshow of the amazing Hotel Hollywood in Sydney which is actually where I met my amazing friend Micky Green last December, but we’re about to go see True Grit, the latest Coen brothers movie, and so no slideshow will there be, seeing as I’m already running a touch late and frankly, the Coen brothers wait for no one.

And it’s good that I’m a little rushed, because otherwise, there would be far too many subjects, far too many people, and far too many places and photos in this post (no but seriously, just check the title!!!)(Okay, don’t actually) and we could miss the star of my December afternoons, she with a most sacred fashion temperament (Sacred fashion temperament, oh man oh man, gotta love the new Grazia buzz words)(Oh, who cares? I love Grazia). So sacred fashion temperament it is. Meet Micky.

First, her sunglasses,

Then, how she coordinates her beer and her dress. (All vintage of course. No, not the beer !)

And her silhouette. Her pin up look. Her platinum hair. Oh let’s just get it out there, I’m in love.


Okay, off I go to see True Grit, with a nice big popcorn, of course. I’ll be back soon with the most hardcore slideshow you’ve ever seen.

In the meantime, I leave you to admire the carpet in the Hotel Hollywood.

Oh shit, even with just the carpet, I could do an entire post.




No, there isn’t any hidden meaning in that last sentence.



I only smoke popcorn.

PS: If you want to keep chilling in Micky’s coolness, go take a quick look at her site and check out her videos, so cute ! Okay! Off we go! Big hugs!

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