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The Summer Look

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It’s Memorial Day! A day in America where we take a moment to remember those who have served in the country’s armed forces and I’d say a big THANK YOU is due as well. It’s also the unofficial start to summer (yes, we somehow completely missed spring). With the hot temperatures of the days ahead, it seems like it’s easy to get stuck in a uniform of denim shorts and tees when the sun turns up the heat. But, what I’ve always loved about so many women we feature on the blog is their approach to dressing for the seasons that is uniquely their own. So I thought it might be nice to see what their idea of a perfect summer look was and, as it turns out, it’s anything but basic…

brianna lance perfect summer look garance dore photos

clutch brianna lance perfect summer look garance dore photos

“Little dresses are the easiest to throw on for summer because they make getting dressed a lot simpler than pairing separates.  They offer an innate ease. You never have to look fussed over.  I normally just roll out of bed when it’s hot and throw on a dress.  If the weather is nice it’s better to be enjoying it rather than picking looks.   They also have built in ventilation for the very hot days.” 


“Pants are linen, so they’re very breathable. But they are also kind of utilitarian – they have a lot of pockets, and then my t-shirt is just my favorite go-to t-shirt… And then sandals, obviously comfortable, but still kind of,  for me, a little feminine and then I always like a little toe nail polish.” 


yard flinn perfect summer look garance dore photos

yard flinn perfect summer look garance dore photos

“This outfit is a perfect summer one for so many reasons. This giupure skirt has all the elements I love, the mix of colors is quite unnatural at first but they blend together very well – the length is very easy from day to night, which I love too – who wants to go change post-office, pre-dinner ? 

I think dots give a less serious aspect to any silhouette. Once shoes and skirts are set, throwing on a black t-shirt is an easy, yet chic and casual add and calm the whole action happening with the skirt and the shoes. 

Finally, this bag doesn’t carry much but it does the most important, the memory of my grandmother who is in Paris. Everytime it is with me, I can sense her presence.  Summer is not necessarily about the perfect outfit, but more about the people and the vibe that suits you the most, and then… Your outfit becomes perfect.”


laura vidrequin perfect summer look garance dore photos

On Brianna: Dress, Vintage; Sandals, Moroccan / On Yara: Shirt, Nomia; Pants, Nomia; Bag, Building Block; Sandals, Zara / On Laura: Skirt, Marni; Tee, Club Monaco; Flats, Oscar de La Renta.


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