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Figuring out what to wear to the office is becoming harder to, well, figure out! The increasingly unconventional environments making for less and less clear specifications on what might be appropriate at the workplace. It seemed only fitting to take cues from the abundance of peasant blouses on the spring runways, and incorporate them into a new sort of workwear for the fourth part of our Edit No.4. And who better than two women who work together, Tine & Luisa.

The relaxed proposition of the peasant blouse allows for the new work uniform to be a bit more playful. No longer under the constraints of a stuffy skirt suit – a mismatched pant & blazer, in tones reminiscent of those favored by some businessmen strikes just the right chord, especially with a lace-up blouse!

tine peduzzi garance dore photo

luisa orsini garance dore photo

luisa orsini garance dore photo

And no need to be overly ambitious either, a simple all white ensemble with just a hint of girlish charm in the form a pastel patterned blouse keeps the workwear look feeling femme but serious. Because no matter what the season, we women mean business when we go to work – no ifs, ands or peasant blouses about it!

Okay ladies, now lets get in formation … well, our work wardrobes anyways ;)

luisa orsini garance dore photo

tine peduzzi garance dore photo

garance dore photo

luisa orsini tine peduzzi garance dore photo

Look 1 // Luisa : White blouse, Club Monaco; Blue Jean, JosephBlack Pump, Jimmy Choo
Tine : White Ruched blouse, Club Monaco ; Pinstripe pant, Topshop ; Sneaker, Vince

Look 2  // 
Luisa : Black ruched top, Club Monaco ; Plaid pant, Topshop
Tine : White pant, Club Monaco ; Jacket , Club Monaco ; Shirt , Ulla Johnson ; Boots, Carvela
Look 3 // Luisa : Pink pant , Joseph ; Tweed jacket, Topshop ; Lace-up top, Club Monaco ; Silver heels , Vintage
Tine : Yellow top, Topshop ; Jeans , Joseph ; Flats, Bottega Venetta
TL 180 bags worn throughout 


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