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marie marot garance dore photo

When we first introduced you to Marie, it was through her crisply designed shirtings, hats and bags and we were crushing.*

It was no surprise to find that her home and demeanor were a reflection of her line. Soft surfaces and enough Hermès blankets to build a mattress (come to think of it, wouldn’t be a terrible way to sleep!). She plays Lou Doillon’s new album as we shoot and smokes Vogue lilacs.

marie marot garance dore photo
marie marot garance dore photo

marie marot garance dore photo

marie marot garance dore photo

She is every bit a dark seductress – Erik’s words, by the way – although I can’t say he’s wrong. Plus, she is just plain cool. Who else could pull off an entire wardrobe of suiting and a floor full of brogues and boots (she owns not one single pair of heels, I asked), and still manage to not look like Don Draper?

There is no doubt she has a certain air about her – one that hopefully comes through in the photos. And, like so many women we feature, that’s really what style is all about…

*Seems to be a theme in our style stories: MUST BE girl crush-able!

marie marot garance dore photo

marie marot garance dore photo

marie marot garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Timeless – Comfortable – Simple

Would you say your style is quintessentially Parisian?
I feel especially Parisian in the way I live my day-to-day life, going to cafés, having a drink outside on the terrace in both summer and winter until late at night, being faithful to my favorite places, always looking for a tobacco stand, eating real food, spending most of my time in my neighborhood…that sense of freedom…

When it comes to style, I wear almost the same “uniform” all week long. The things that change are my perfumes. I have a different perfume for each day of the week. I think Parisian women take better care of themselves than I do. They spend more time getting ready and more time shopping than me. Their style is more calculated.

What is your most beloved item in your wardrobe?
My first cashmere sweater. Cashmere gets even softer over time. I could never get rid of it.

Style Story / Marie Marot

You have a real tomboy style – how did that come about?
I don’t think my style is tomboy. I think of myself more like the masculine woman of Armani when it started, or a Ralph Lauren woman. A comfortable elegance that works for both daytime and evening.

You don’t own any heels. Was this a conscious decision, and what was the last pair you owned?
I don’t wear them, but I love heels! They’re kind of like a fantasy. Unfortunately, I’m really bad at walking in them and I think they make me too tall… One of the only pairs I ever had was Prada.

You own so many beautiful suits. Do you have a favorite?
I fell in love with the cuts and fabrics of Pallas. Just wearing one of their jackets makes you feel like a seductive warrior.

Who are your favorite designers to wear?
Hermès, Nina Ricci, Pallas, Ralph Lauren, Lemaire.

You expanded your line of hats and bags to include shirts last year. In your opinion, what is the perfect shirt? And how do you style it?
I think a good shirt is one that’s slightly too big, one that leaves something to the imagination. Shirts are really the “joker” piece of any wardrobe, you can wear them with anything! Jeans, suit pants, skirts, under something else, over something else, wrinkled, ironed, or worn out – there’s always something that makes them a little bit sexy. No rules!

Who, and what, are your greatest fashion influences?
The city and countryside are both real sources of inspiration in my everyday life. Also the style and work of artists like Rodin, Soulages, Balthus, Beuys… or even Gabrielle Chanel, Aimé Maeght, & André Putman—they’ve always been references of mine.

marie marot garance dore photo

Look 1: Top, Hermès; Jeans, Ralph Lauren; Shoes, Church’s; Jewelry, Chrome Hearts; Earrings, Stone Paris / Look 2: Jacket and shirt, Nina Ricci; Pants, Comme Des Garçons; Shoes, JM Weston / Look 3: Shirt, Marie Marot; Pants, Comme Des Garçons; Vest, Hermès; Shoes, Heschung.

Words: Brie Welch | Photos: Erik Melvin


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