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Jayne might be the definition of California cool. A woman whose ability to mix skate brands with designer comes so naturally you’d have thought the combinations of shirts draped ‘just-so’ worn with perfectly worn-in jeans found her instead of the other way around. But don’t be fooled – her house isn’t filled with just Vetements and Margiela boots, she’s got plenty of Vans and even a pair of camo Crocs she somehow makes a case for. She is both the intelligent adventurer and refined creative in her way of dressing. Welcome to Jayne’s world, it’s party time!

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words.
Comfortable, modest, disheveled.

Where do you like to shop in LA?
I usually shop at Barney’s, Shop Super Street, Acne DTLA, Mohawk General Store, American Vintage, and Jet Rag.

Do you think your wardrobe is influenced from the years you spent working in the fashion industry?
Working in fashion definitely shaped my thoughts on consumption and value, but aesthetically not so much. You’re much more exposed to what’s going on in the industry, yes, but how you interpret it and incorporate it into your personal style differs from person to person. Some people are super influenced and constantly evolving with trends. But I’m mostly California lazy haha. I like being a spectator to the industry and maintaining a healthy distance, not getting sooo wrapped up in it.

When it comes to style, whats most important: comfort, beauty, or innovation?
COMFORT! For me at least. Comfort doesn’t have to be literal, like elastic pants (although, zero complaints), it can be about feeling comfortable with yourself and who you are, and how that reflects in how confidently you wear your style.

How has your career, and style, changed in the past few years through the work you are doing?
A big part of my identity has always been in the work I do (designing in the skate/action sports industry) and my outer style sort of reflected that. But as the internet and my work there evolved, my style evolved with it. I experimented a bunch and starting mixing more high/low pieces and work-wise I also went freelance for a period to see what would stick, mostly creative consulting and styling. The internet has been a magical place with the best memes and incredible people, but it’s so warp speed now, so as I’ve withdrawn a bit, my style has reverted back to a more mellow formula. I’ve always been blessed to not work in an industry that required a separate work/life wardrobe, so even now as I’m back to full-time creative directing in house, I can still wear whatever I want. I’m just older now so it’s more of a smart casual vibe. I guess you could say my style and career trajectories have mirrored one another over the years.

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

Would you say you have a go-to look or uniform for getting dressed everyday?
My go-to look is almost always a t-shirt + pants (usually Levi’s or Dickies). And my VEDA Jayne Jacket is basically my security blanket I can’t be without, even if it’s too hot and just tied around my waist.

You have the coolest blend of fashion meets skater girl style – did you grow up loving both?
I am a walking oxymoron – creative/logical, adventurous/cautious, bold/reserved. I think the sloppiness of skate and the glossiness of fashion both always appealed to me. One was my actual life growing up and the other was…aspirational? I could never abandon either so over the years I’ve learned to incorporate both in the way that works best for me!

Do you have a muse, style or lifestyle wise?
My muses are my friends. They inspire me to be better and work harder. They’re fun people, but really I’ve surrounded myself with a tight circle of talented, witty, earnest people who make me want to be the best version of myself, and keep me on my toes!

Most impractical fashion item you own?
I’ve excelled at purging impractical items, but I can’t ever get rid of this one Céline Spring 2011 vest thing. It’s basically like wearing a heavy rug. I could be an extra in Lord of the Rings as an elf, not a regular one in Rivendell, but like one banished to a forest or something. A traveling elf if you will. But I have actually worn it to the office.

Any tips for finding the perfect jean?
Know your body type! We all want to be the image of the bubble butt in the perfectly distressed vintage Levi’s 501s, but they really aren’t for everyone! You have to try on many different fits and denim weights to see what works best for you. I’m a 100% cotton denim gal and I have a wide waist/hips, skinny legs body type, so my holy grail are the Levi’s Vintage Clothing *mens* 606 fit. The only time I wear women’s denim is more for fashion styles, like my favorite huge Dries Van Noten (borderline JNCO) pair and weird Y Project ones. Other than that, for everyday roll around perfect fit denim, it’s always the LVC 606.

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

jayne min garance dore photo

Rapid Fire!

Heels or flats?

New or vintage?

Top 40 or Oldies?

Blow dry or air dry?
Air dry.

Minimalist or maximalist?

Skinny-dip or skinny jeans?
Skinny dip.

Style Story / Jayne Min

Blue jeans, Levi’s ; White blouse , Raquel Allegra ; Patterned boot , Vetements / Striped shirt, Banana Time ; Black jean, Alexander Wang ; Black Tabi Boots, Maison Margiela / Wide leg jean, Dries Van Noten ; White ripped shirt, Vintage


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