aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

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I have a giant, a great, a super mega crush on Aymeline Valade. And, since I’m the loyal type, this has been going on for a long time. We met her during a Pardon My French shoot — and we all fell under the charm of this tall, beautiful girl with a husky voice. She’s a skater and model, and she’s super smart, adorable, and chill.
It’s been really cool to see her evolve — she’s an actress now and her career has really blossomed, along with her style.

Style Story / Aymeline

She expresses exactly who she is in the way she dresses, which I really love. We both have a taste for simple things that aren’t too chichi, but she is much more daring and really comfortable breaking the rules and being totally herself, which I assure you isn’t so easy these days when everyone’s trying to shine brighter than the next. She stays herself in all circumstances, even on the red carpet, which, I can tell you after having done a few, is a real challenge. Because of all that, she’s on all my mood boards :)

It’s hard to talk about her without talking about her blonde hair, which I think suits her divinely and adds a very interesting, finished look to all her outfits.

It’s proof of the advantage a good haircut or strong color can give you — it carries your personality through into any outfit…

Translated by Andrea Perdue

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

Describe your style in three words.
Easy-going. Classic. Modern

And your most beloved item right now?
My little black Prada bag…

How has your career as a model influenced your style?
Modeling has made me incorporate more feminine pieces and wear make-up. But I only do so for special occasions.

You make bold style choices, like wearing flats on the red carpet. Where does that confidence come from?
Thank you! My boldness comes from my need to be comfortable. Heels are too lady-like for me, and I actually don’t have the boldness to assume complete femininity. it’s true that my choices can look a bit unconventional, but they stick to my personality. I’m not looking for the trend, but instead I look for what suits me the best – from shape to spirit. I like to wear what no one is wearing. So yes, maybe I end up looking bold but it’s more due to a mentality of anti-conformity.


aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos


Are there any styling tricks you’ve learned on the job that you use in real life?
Haider Ackermann taught me to use a hair band to hold long sleeves exactly where you want them. You don’t have to fold so many times and it doesn’t look messy.

You travel a lot. What are the essentials that you always take with you?
All the products for my bleached hair, my Fresh Soya facial soap and sugar mask. And a Pallas tuxedo… you just never know…

Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
I do. I bring pieces back from traveling, so they have a lot of significance to me. They are like talisman, and when I look at them, they bring me back to places and times during my travels.

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

Would you describe your style as quintessentially French?
It’s true that my style is very French, as I do not wear very eccentric clothes. I near wear more than three colors in my look without being too feminine, but I try to bring a touch of elegance and cool at the same time. The infamous French-chic-effortlessness is what I live by, but I hope to do it in my own way.

Where do you like to shop?
I actually do not like to shop since it reminds me of work. I also have to say I’m quite lucky to be gifted from brands so I generally look for basics in COS or & Other Stories. But I would advise to always go visit Céline, Prada, or Chloé during the sales.

Do you have a fashion muse?
Haider Ackermann and The Row. They make the best quality clothes with such a cool and elegant style. They inspire me a lot by the way they mix fabrics, silhouettes and colors. Their designs resonate with me, and they represent the woman I want to be.

Style Story / Aymeline
aymeline valade model style story garance dore photos

Look 1:  suit, made in collaboration with Pallas Paris; top, The Row; shoes, Church’s; watch, Boucheron; earring, Swarovski Look 2: top and pant, The Row; sandals, Chloé; necklace, VK Lillie Look 3: necklace, hand-crafted from Africa; silver rings and earrings, Dior; skirt, sweater and sandals, The Row /  Look 4: jacket, Studio 189; t-shirt, Alexander Wang; jeans, Rag and Bone; sandals, Chloé; bag, Loewe; earring, Dior.

Text: Garance Doré | Photos: Erik Melvin | Styling: Brie Welch & Aymeline Valade

With thanks to The Mark Hotel | 25 E 77th St, New York, NY 10075 | +1(212) 744-4300


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