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It would be hard to not take inspiration from Aurelie’s world – one of bohemia, Parisian influence, world travels… and loads upon loads of gold jewelry. That’s no surprise of course, to say we are fans of her jewelry on the site would be quite the understatement. Rather we are superfans – of her too! She is one of the nicest women I’ve met in fashion, always kind, and always sophisticated. 

And her pregnancy style is, of course, just as cool and chic. Less jeans and more dresses, but not without her personal touches, like colorful striped dresses her mother wore while pregnant. There is always a sense of stylish ease to Aurelie, so we popped uptown to her newest shop on Madison Avenue to pay her (and her baby to be) a visit …

aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

Describe your style in three words:

I would say timeless, chic and Parisian. 


Would you say you have Parisian style? It feels like its influenced with a sense of ease and tropical destinations?

It is. I have two ways of wearing things. I’m into very basic shirt, jeans, and quiet shoes, like effortless a little bit. But when summer comes, I’m more bohemian and tropical.


As a jewelry designer, do you find yourself personally drawn to a specific style of jewelry?

I like bold, an accumulation of charms, statement jewelry, and it has to have a vintage look in a way. A lot of gold!


You speak a lot on spontaneity, exuberance, and joy in your jewelry designs. Where do you find inspiration from?

I would say its a mix of traveling, art, and childhood memories. We used to have a country house and a house in Ibiza, so it’s a mix of all those memories. 


aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

When you travel for work, what do you always pack in your suitcase?

That’s hard. Of course, a lot of jewelry. That’s for sure.  Always Charvet shirts, I like them very used. When the collar gets a bit worn, when they really fade. I buy them every couple of years. When they’re new I put them in the washing machine. Also, jeans, always a pair of converse, loafers, and 1 or 2 Issey Miyake ensemble, which are perfect now. They’re great because when you travel with them they don’t wrinkle. I always have one Saint Laurent two-piece set, vintage from the 70s. Easy to mix and match with anything. 

What is your MOST prized item in your wardrobe?

One of my mom’s vintage dresses. It’s a Palestinian wedding dress. I wear it normally in the summer, it’s white with a little bit of velvet and red embroidery. Its so nice with a tan and with turquoise jewelry!


You wear a lot of bracelets at once. Could you ever wear too much jewelry? Do you have personal limits?

No limits. I would say more is less!


How has living in Paris and New York changed or influenced your personal style?

The only thing I think that changed is before, I would never wear full looks from the same designer, but now I do sometimes. When it’s a special occasion, not on a regular day, I’m still mixing. I think that’s very New Yorker

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

Do you have a fashion muse?

I would say Charlotte Rampling. She always Had the right everything! For jewelry, I would say Diana Vreeland. She also knew that more is less. 


Where do you like to shop in New York and Paris?

There is a vintage store in New York called Marlene Wetherell. She’s a lovely lady, with great pieces from Saint Laurent. Of course Barney’s and Dover Street Market to see whats going on. I also love What Goes Around Comes Around for jeans and basics. In Paris, there is a vintage store called Dressing on Rue Saint-Simon in Saint Germain. They have great stuff and it isn’t expensive. I shouldn’t say this because now it’s going to change. I of course go to Colette, Dries van Noten because I love it, Celine, Sonia Rykiel and you have to take the time to go the flea markets. And Kiliwatch !


Has your style changed since becoming pregnant?

Normally I don’t wear dresses, it’s usually jeans or pants but now I wear more dresses. It’s more fluid. My love for coats is even crazier than before, especially robe style coats.

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo

Aurélie Bidermann madder dore Photo


aurelie bidermann garance dore photo

Matching PJ Set, FRS; Loafers, Gucci / Stripe Dress, Vintage from her mother; Leather Jacket, Alexander McQueen; Pointed Flats, Isabel Marant / Blue & Red Floral Coat, Dries Van Noten; Black Dress, Tomas Maier / Grey Dress and Cardigan, Tomas Maier / Jewelry Throughout, Aurelie Bidermann

Aurelie Bidermann | 957 Madison Avenue, NY | 265 Lafayette St., NY | 217 Rue Saint Honore, Paris




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