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In our age of consumerism, what could be more popular than a 2 for 1 deal …. and in this case, the ultimate scenario of having your sock actually be your shoe. It’s a trend I’ve touched upon before and continue to ponder the everyday practicalities of: the sock-shoe. Is it a pragmatic approach to choosing a boot to purchase? How does one keep them clean? Should they be treated like any other shoe?

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All great inquiries, but I will stand by my personal feelings and interest in the slimming qualities of having a boot with an ankle opening that actually fits securely. A sleek silhouette with no laces means getting out the door quicker too. And the shape really lends itself to transitional dressing, not having to wear a heavy boot means you are not just lighter on your feet, but more keen to embrace other lighter options too – like reading a book on a tablet instead of paperback, or a breezy knee-length skirt to float into spring

Look 1: Black shoes, Alchimia Di Ballin ; Blue Shoes, Fendi ; Skirt, Altuzarra / Look 2: Black Dress, Michael Kors ; Gold Shoes, Philip Lim ; Red & white dress, Miu Miu ; Black Boots, Zara / Look 3: White Skirt, Jil Sander ; Brown Shoes, Celine ; Black and Yellow Skirt, Proenza Schouler ; Silver shoes, Oscar Tiye

Special thank you to Double Knot |13 White Street | New York, NY 10013


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