alexandra carl paris street style garance dore photos

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All of the people we feature on the site are people we meet and find inspiring. Whether it’s their work, their take on life, or their style — and usually all of the above! It’s always followed by a rapid fire conversation (that’s life in the digital world, you know…), kind of like the one we had after Garance spotted Alexandra in Paris…

alexandra carl paris street style garance dore photos

Neada: Did you get G’s photo? She suggested we shoot that girl Alexandra, great style…

Brie: She’s cool! And I love RIKA, I think its actually on Erik’s “to-buy” list before we head home. She’s the fashion director.

Neada: Ok, emailing her riiiiight now…

Erik: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and fan-girl out.

Brie: It would be great to shoot a few looks!

Erik: Cool, and a portrait.

alexandra carl paris street style garance dore photos

Two days later, Neada and Erik return to the apartment near République soaking wet….

Brie: How was your shoot with Alexandra??!

Erik: Great, she’s so nice — and she loves jeans. Just like me.

Neada: Yep, our kind of girl. Really cool, super sweet. And smart, ambitious…

Erik: Yeah, no biggie…

Neada: She’s just casually winning at life…

Brie: There is such an ease about her.

Neada: I love that her style is very distinct, not just trends but a real sense of taste.

Erik: And she had one of those sailors caps that G loves. It was raining…but we made it work, very cinematic!

Brie: Oh, I love the cap look too!

Erik: Cool! Annnnnnd break for a coffee… number 7.


And then we have a celebratory dose of caffeine and feel a little happier knowing that we had the chance to meet someone great, who’s doing something cool — and show a little bit of them to you.

alexandra carl maison marginal boots paris street style garance dore photos

alexandra carl loewe handbag paris street style garance dore photos

alexandra carl paris street style garance dore photos

To see what we’ve been doing this Paris Fashion Week, follow @garancedore and @studiodore!

Text: Brie Welch, Neada Jane & Erik Melvin | Photos: Erik Melvin

Look 1/ Blazer, shirt and jeans, FRAME; Shoes, Acne; Bag, Gucci; Hat, HM. Look 2 / Jeans, Marques Almeida; Boots, Maison Margiela; T-shirt, HM; Bag, JW Anderson; Leather jacket, RIKA. Look 3 / Shirt, Chloe; Bag, Loewe; Shoes, Alexander Wang; Vest, JOSEPH; Jeans, Topshop.


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