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Let me introduce you to my ballerina flats (Yes, I always feed my favorite accessories. There, I made them a coffee).

Those are Zaras I bought one day in the middle of a high-heel disaster emergency (sorry it’s me doing the translation, I kind of overslept and couldn’t catch Tim this morning) (don’t tell me you’ve never had a high heel disaster emergency) (oooouch !). The thing is that since then, I have been wearing those flats a lot. Actually, I realised that hairy flats with a leopard print (or in that case, a leopard whose last lunch would have been a girafe) are some kind of shoe-Grail. They go with nothing so they go with anything and give a woooop wooop (???!?) side to any of my outfits (which, with my recent need for minimalism, are getting as boring as a day at the airport in april in Paris) (beautiful boring I want to believe, but still).

Therefore I went back to Zara with the plan to buy all their stock so that I could have some until my 90 birthday (Now I get why old ladies all have at least one leopard print accessory ! At last ! Smart ladies !!!)

So, tell me… Do you have any idea of where I can find some hairy flats with a leopard print ?

Please, don’t tell me an adress in Tokyo. I might miraculously jump out of your computer to bite you !

Kisses ! Have a good day !


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