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Prints Please!

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Florals for spring / summer are about as groundbreaking as posting a sunset on Instagram. Yet we keep on with both. And why? For me, prints in general, well, I’ve always found them sort of difficult to wear… much harder than falling for that omg-the-sky-is-so-pink-after-the-rain-no-filter-i-promise moment we all have.

No matter how hard I try, spending what feels like hours scouring vintage online for a not-so-obviously-from-the-90s-or-70s printed anything, I come up empty-handed. And now, with all the summer sales, I’ve even looked to see what modern variations designers have designed … only to once again feel a bit stumped and unimpressed with what I found. My basis for a print (which I have to remind myself of everytime my eyes get big) is this: will it still be cool 1 year from now? 5 years? What about 20 years?

ece sukan prints please street style garance dore photos

ece sukan prints please street style garance dore photos

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Is that something I could pull out in the future and proudly sport like it was Prada 2035? It’s left my closet devoid of any print, albeit a pair of Hawaiian culottes, which have maybe been worn once. So it seemed appropriate to show you that prints can be worn in many ways, even mixed together.

May it be a less-is-more ensemble, a subtle camouflage of a tank top with a white pant or a full on mix of textures and patterns. It’s all about balance when it comes to wearing them – and attitude! It sounds peculiar but, if you think about that, a tiger striped skirt isn’t for everyone, and to really wear it and own it, your attitude has to be just as fierce as the cat it was based on.

Who’s ready to embrace prints with me? We can start slow! Or maybe you already have an explosive wardrobe of colorful ideas waiting to share with us?

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hannah cohen prints please street style garance dore photos


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