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They’re not that far from Skoura, the village of the High Atlas where we’re staying, but it took us time to find them.

We drove off road in the stony desert, wondering if the stones would pop our tires, we pretented we weren’t afraid of their dogs who were barking at us, and then finally we saw a woman and a boy coming towards us, followed by their goats.
They are troglodyte nomads. They don’t live in tents, but inside caves that are located along each of their stops.

They were smiling, and after a few moments of bashfulness, they seemed really happy to see us.

The great thing about going a little bit outside of the touristy places is that the inhabitants are as curious of you as you are curious of them.

Here in Skoura a lot of people speak French, and you can stop and talk for hours with them. A man I was talking to offered me a kilo of fresh dates, without wanting me to pay. Women are harvesting olives right now and they loved to tell us their stories and show us how they work. The children were afraid of having their photo taken, but spoke French very well and loved to interact with us… I’ll show you more pictures tomorrow.

It was not the case with this young lady : we were not speaking a word of the same laguage and I couldn’t even ask her her name… We just spent a moment there, staring at eachother, and smiling.

Maybe that’s why it was one of the most powerful moments we had experienced since our arrival.

Our world suddenly felt so far away.


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