The Sneakers!

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As far as sneakers are concerned, I like to call myself a “purist”. All right, that doesn’t mean anything at all, but let me dream – and explain to you: I am not really into “designer sneakers.”

For sports clothes, I like my Nikes and Adidas and I look at the Lanvin sneakers with a raised brow. I do accept (seriously?) the Rick Owens sneakers, which are sort of an insitution and really have a specific shape, as well as the Isabel Marant, because she totally created the trend, whether you like it or not…

Oh and I am not opposed to collabs like Vans x Kenzo, I do approve (and there we go, she thinks she’s the Fashion Police).

(On a side note who launched the trend of the little cross to signal collaborations? Where does that come from?)


I had started to waiver in my Nikes the day Valentino launched their camo sneakers though. Just because, well. Too beautiful.
And I totally surrendered to the designer shoe trend when I found these by Pierre Hardy at Colette. Argh. I would’ve done anything for them.

(I bought them in the men’s section, no shame, those long feet have to be good for something !)

I mean come on!!! Sneakers with holes!!! Who is the genius who invented that ?

Well, it’s Pierre Hardy, and he totally got my purism. Ah Pierre, I do not thank you.


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