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Erik Melvin

You know who does the colored lens look impeccably? Robert Downey Jr.. Seriously! Google “Robert Downey Jr. glasses” and you’ll see all the glorious rainbow shades he pulls off. He’s my summer sunnies inspiration…

Yes, I realize that most of these lenses won’t protect my eyeballs from the sun and I promise not to wear them on those extra squinty days, but what’s the harm in diving into a trend that’s just plain FUN! I always thought that there was something really fresh about lenses that are light enough to see your eyes. Big dark sunnies often feel impersonal, uninviting. For that reason, I find myself super self conscious and often nix them midday.

So this summer I’m pulling the “Robert Downey Jr.” (RDJ for short?) and rocking some light colored lenses. Are you on board?

colored lenses kate parfet garance dore photo

colored lenses kate parfet garance dore photo

In Color

Look 1: Scalloped White Top, Marysia ; Sunglasses, J.Crew // Look 2: Silver One-Piece, ACK ; Sunglasses, Gentle Moster // Look 3: Blue Patched Top, Lisa Marie Fernandez ;
Sunglasses, Mykita // Look 4: Black w/ Daisies Top, Dolce & Gabbana ;
Sunglasses, Gentle Moster


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