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It’s FINALLY freeeezzzzing in New York, we were apparently all waiting for it to happen. That moment when you can no longer carry your handbag like a lady without a decent pair of gloves! Ah yes, it’s that time of year when they are needed to for even the briefest encounter outdoors…

It was Queen Elizabeth who made them really desirable, by wearing them richly embroidered and jeweled, as well as for putting them on and taking them off to draw attention to her beautiful hands (historic hand model? perhaps!). I don’t know one person who would do that today because, frankly, that would be strange. And I might think they have some sort of OCD. However, gloves are just as important for keeping our precious hands warm in the polar months of winter.

gloves winter details accessories garance dore photos

They’ve come along way, too. No longer reserved for dainty evenings, and certainly a far cry from the mittens worn as a child and clipped on to your sleeves. No, today’s gloves are made of soft cashmeres and supple leathers. And are in touch with current technologies — you don’t even have to remove said gloves to use your iPhone. HEAVEN FORBID.

Here’s a few of our favorites to keep us gesturing through the snowstorms ahead…

gloves winter details accessories garance dore photos

Blue Zipper, Echo with Coat, APC; Black polka-dot, Agnes B with Coat, Ganni; Black leather fringe, Diane Von Furstenburg with Coat, Uniqlo; Printed fingerless, Brora with Coat, Zara; Black and pink, & Other Stories with Coat, Reformation.


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