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It’s not always easy to bring stuff back from your travels that’s able to pass the test once you’ve gotten back home. I’m a licensed expert at bringing back the weirdest stuff, especially wicker baskets, and the kind of wicker baskets that take up tons of space. Absolutely impossible to compact them. And then it costs me millions of dollars in excess baggage fees because it counts as an extra bag, and in the end, I just end up tossing it in the airport as the basket itself was only 8 dollars.

My friend Ashley is exactly the opposite. She wears tons of stuff that she got from various trips. Like in this photo, her bags and her jewelry (chic AND compact, ahah). How cool is the little bag?

So much so that she made it a part of her job. She works for L-atitude, an amazing online fashion shop put together by her globe-trotter friend Alisa who shops around the world. Things like this awesome bag from Bogota. I just love the concept.

It goes without saying that Ashley is the queen of the haggle and this weekend we went with a few friends to Brimfield, a flea festival (C’mon now, A FLEA FESTIVAL ahaha! I’m imagining fleas jumping every which way -So we’ll just say it’s a giant flea-market that happens three times a year, three hours outside of New York, and voilà, it’s called Brimfield) and we haggled prices like crazy. If you want, I’ll pass along our unstoppable techniques to break the flea-market.

We came back with tons of stuff, which is good considering it’s been almost a year since I got here to New York and I haven’t had any time at all to think about the decor in our apartment which, before Brimfield, consisted of little more than my bike.

Should I stop with my life story or should I show yo some of my purchases?

(Side note… I hope you appreciate the creativity of my titles. Well. It’s not like you can spend an entire week-end flea-marketing AND be creative with your titles. Okay… Sorry. Ha! Big hugs!)

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