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Oh oh oh, you’re so good! I ended up going with Cisco for all the same reasons that you

went over yesterday, because we felt that connection in seconds, and also because… I just love her hair.

It seems a little off to say it like that but it’s pretty darn rare to find models with a real hair cut.

Bangs, bobs or special haircuts make the whole hairdo business more complicated for hairdressers on a shoot or at a show. Short hair can make you lose a few jobs…

But it could get you some as well.  It gives a lot of personality! But yeah, I got back to my hotel the night of the casting thinking that it was high time to do something about my non-haircut. (Especially with how easy my hair is now I feel like I can get any haircut I want!!!) (Aaaaaaaaah too many options, get me a hair magazine!)

Oh no, I’m getting sidetracked. So Monday, we did the shoot with Cisco, and she was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. We stuffed our bags full of delirious outfits and crammed them into her car. She took us over to Bronte Beach where we listened to David Bowie and sang Dolly Parton in the background. It was a beautiful day. We shot a million photos. She showed us some clothes that she made in Bali. We became friends, and the next day, I met her husband and friends, and yesterday evening, we all grabbed drinks together!

—–> Sometimes, happiness is a good haircut.

Aaaaah I’m just kidding!!!

Okay, off I go! I’m off to take a plane to New York. I’ll show you the results from the shoot as soon as it’s at the newsstand! Big Hugs!


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