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Cécile Cassel is the kind of rock-star cool you dream to be in your french dreams – but just where you would expect some moody parisian songs, her super bouncy energy, her died blonde hair and her bold voice make her really stand out of the crowd.
She has a totally awesome band called HollySiz, its sort of mature electro pop with a rock influence.
She writes and composes most of her music. The name HollySiz comes from Holly as in the flowering plant, and Siz, as in the sizzle of rap.
The funny thing is, I knew her through her acting career*, then through seing her perform a couple of times, but one day, as she was playing at the H&M show, I started zooming on the guitarist, recognizing something familiar about his crazy moves.
That’s when I realized he was Alex**! Weirdest moment ever, but a fun way to find a old friend. Anyway. Funny. Awkward.

Cecile Cassel HollySiz
Cecile Cassel

Cecile Cassel HolySiz Band

Cecile Cassel HollySiz Band

Cecile Cassel HollySiz Band

Band Atmosphere

We caught up with Cécile just before her performance for W9 Home Festival, a live streaming broadcast of bands from homes in Paris, where we played super-fans for the show and relished the small break from Paris Fashion Week to enjoy some live music!

A video favorite, Come Back to Me – an ode to some of her favorite dance musicians with a tap number she practiced for 3 months!


* Not only is she the sister to Vincent Cassel (What?! I know, coolness runs in the family) but, in case you somehow forgot about that show, Sex and the City, perhaps you remember her as the daughter of Aleksandr Petrovsky. Carrie’s almost perfect man, until she realized he wasn’t perfect at all…

** Sorry, text is only in French (I wrote it 8 years ago when the blog was not even translated in english!) – you could Google translate it?

Cecile Cassel


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