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“I hate the show business, the evening gowns, and red carpets. Seriously now… That’s why I thought I’d never set foot again at the Festival de Cannes,” I told my chauffeur who was driving down the Croisette.

“I’m sorry mademoiselle, that just won’t do. You just have to jump in and live it, or else I’ll have to take you right back to the airport. Cannes is amazing, and you gotta love it all : the sun, the crazies, the films, the stars, the weirdos and the soirées. That’s just how it works, every minute something happening. You have to live it — fully, or not at all.”

“Yes. You know, you’re the one making sense here,” I told him with a big smile.

And that was yesterday. Since then, an uncountable amount of things have gone down and I’m going to have to start taking notes to so I can memorize everything because I can’t write an entire novel at three in the morning – oh yeah, merde… It’s three in the morning.

The synopsis (ahah, look at this girl trying to use the cinematic lexicon) is that I’m in Cannes doing a photo portfolio for Chopard. I’ll tell you more about it later, but what’s so awesome is that they decided I should live the Cannes experience full on.

I mean, we’re talking me still taking bobby pins out of my hard-as-a-rock up-do that I had to wear to walk up the stairs of the Palais des Festivals.

All this is to say is that the chauffeur was so completely right.

Cannes is crazy. It’s a little weird, hysterical and incredible that you can see so many celebrities everywhere (Matthew Fox anyone?). You end up running every which way, climbing on the roof of the Martinez to take photos with your friends (yeeeeah!), there is such a crowd that people are even staying in threes (trying to catch a glimpse of anything glamorous), and don’t forget to count on it taking at least an hour to get your salad no matter what restaurant you go to.

But what my chauffeur forget to tell me about is when all this craziness starts to make sense… The moment all the camera flashes go dark, the lights dim, and the film starts.

Tonight, I just saw a showing of Jodie Foster’s The Beaver. I thought the film was amazing. I came out inspired and totally at peace with Cannes. And the star system… And the evening gowns…

Cinema is just too magical to not unfold the red carpet.

All right ! I’ll be back soon with a mini-Cannes diary ! Kisses !


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