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One of my favorite things about living in New York is that you can walk by a store hundreds of times, never go in, and then suddenly, one day, you just decide to pop by and you can discover a real treasure. That’s what happened for me with BDDW. The store, which is massive, is just around the corner from our studio — I walked by it every day on my way to and from work for a solid two years and just a few weeks ago, on our way to a meeting, Garance and I decided to pop in.

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo


BDDW is an interior-phile’s dream. The furniture is beautiful. The objects are unique and thoughtful. The design is a little too perfect, but you can imagine how nicely a chair would work in the corner of a bedroom with a few t-shirts loosely thrown over the side, or how the tableware could stack so nicely on a shelf that suddenly your kitchen becomes Pinterest-worthy. It’s definitely the kind of store, and the kind of stuff, that makes you dream about a home that’s perfectly imperfect, like Anthony’s or Ramdane’s. Full of treasures that you just happened to stumble upon on Crosby Street.

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo
bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc grance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo
bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo


bddw nyc garance dore photo

bddw nyc garance dore photo


BDDW | 5 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013 | (212) 625-1230


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  • Haaaahhaaaaa c’est magnifique !!!
    Ce meuble bas est vraiment sublime !
    Malheureusement (ou heureusement ^^) il n’y a pas de magasin comme celui-ci à Bordeaux.

    Amélie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • Les objets et meubles disparates et insolites rendent un interieur interessant et jamais lassant.
    Tres belles photos lumineuses, comme d’habitude. Du coup, j’ai decide d’epingler mes dessins au mur, genre “studio d’artiste “. :-)))

  • Ahah je me suis dit la même chose pour les dessins :))

  • Oh these guys…. I’m so glad you guys popped in. BDDW is one of the best things about New York! Also don’t miss their sister-store down the road, M Crow for special, smaller, and – ahem- more attainable, goods.

    Years ago, if I had one of those beat-down days, I’d take myself for a little stroll – De Vera, BDDW, cookie and lemonade at Hampton Chutney Co, then to Paula Rubenstein, and end at A Detacher. A path of lovely people and exceptional work to remind myself that living here is, indeed, the considerable effort.

  • Way too many things I love here to mention. But I basically love the combination of modern/contemporary silhouettes and a rustic, homey charm with the earthy tones.

  • It’s really inspirational and I know what you mean.
    I live a 3 minute walk away from a library. And I didn’t pop in for 5 years!
    Until a colleague asked me to get a certain book for her from this library…
    I’m a regular at this place and I love it! How come I had waited for 5 years! :)
    Better late than never, I guess. :)

  • That is so funny you noticed this store! I literally JUST went in there for the first time yesterday since I am visiting New York. I was AMAZED and so impressed with what I found there! I WANT that ping pong table and paddles!!!!!

  • Wow! What a unique looking gorgeous store! Love it :-)

    Tatjana xx

  • So beautiful!! I want to live there.

    Jenna from:
    @jennamariia + @yenna_design

  • So happy to see you’ve stumbled in to BDDW. Tyler Hayes not only creates beautiful designs and exceptional contexts (a BDDW showroom in NYC and another in Milan), he’s nurtured a community of people–supporters, artists and customers who share an appreciation for exceptional design and dead-serious play. BDDW is a highlight of living in NYC. Enjoy.

  • Christine August, 26 2016, 3:32 / Reply

    One of my favorite stores on NYC! ????

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