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  • The AmFar Gala is a charity gala. The idea is to bring together the world’s beautiful people of fashion and cinema for an auction to benefit AIDS research. Items for bid range from Warhol, to a tennis holiday with the Prince of Monaco. You could say it’s just a good conscience gala, but it’s much more than that. Oh, and even though I didn’t have my camera, once there I was taken by the glamour of the gala and couldn’t help taking a few Iphone pictures. There we go :
  • How did you do that Giovanna ?

Magic !

  • Tennis with S.A.S. the Prince of Monaco : 500,000 €. And they sold it twice. A Million Euros.
  • I am seating near Patrick Dempsey. Sean Penn is not far either. Robert de Niro passes in front of me like 12 times. So? Team de Niro.
  • “Of course I wear Spanx.” “Oooo, you too?!!!” “Oh, come on girls, we’re all wearing Spanx” “Yeah, get over it, we’re all wrapped up like Toutankhamon”.
  • I’ve never seen so many amazing evening gowns in my life. And never this many fashion faux-pas either, seeing as tricky it is trying to get dressed for an event like this. That said, I have totally figured out a rather mathematical formula:

Absolute amazement caused by 1 sublime evening gown divided by the terribleness of 20 terrible outfits = 0. The quotient of amazingness bears far more weight than terribleness therefore this is the best dressed event I’ve ever been to.

  • You never eat dessert at these kinds of dinners. I’ve never understood why, but you just don’t, and that’s how it is.
  • Coolest girl of the night : Janet Jackson in Haider Ackerman… Remarkably awesome.
  • The AmFar toilets… I get there, still a little shaken up after walking through the main room alone with so many people so well dressed. And right there, I stumble across a little gathering of top models in these giant couture gowns. Hilarious and so sublime. I wait my turn. I end up going into a stall right after Naomi Campbell. I know. This anecdote was not necessary.
  • An Andy Warhol lithograph… 400,000 €. Less than a game of tennis with S.A.S., but more than a poster of Farah Fawcett.
  • The Hotel. Du. Cap. Garden. A south of France fairytale.

  • Reminder : During the auction, don’t ask to the gentleman to your right where the bathroom is. Cause when he points to the back left corner, he might just have inadvertently purchased the Mick Jagger photo.
  • A photo of Mick Jagger by Jean Pigozzi : 300,000 €.
  • Madonna didn’t come!!! Pffff, unforgivable.
  • My dress was a Fendi.

  • Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld couldn’t keep his eyes from… My emerald bracelet. I like guys who like beautiful things.
  • I think Emir Kusturica fell asleep during dinner. With his eyes open, of course, but I’m willing to bet that he was sleeping.
  • The problem with wearing your hair back too much is that you end up looking as tight as Victoria Beckham. Lol.

  • 5 mins. : The time I spent at the party after dinner. Salomé was there too, drinking next to Sean Penn, dancing next to who knows who, who came with someone or other. Too many celebrities cancels out celebrity.
  • Well the only problem about leaving 5mn after the beginning of the party is to convince your dancing with the stars bodyguard that it’s time to go…
  • Oh, my man in a suit!

  • One last thing, one of the founders of AmFar was Liz Taylor. Don’t you just love her.

Translation : Tim Sullivan


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