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We wanted to follow another friend around during Paris Fashion Week to see just what a day looks like for her. Jessica works for the legendary DVF back in NewYork, and is here in Paris to work on the new store opening and of course the TV program House of DVF. Here is what her fashion week looks like…


How do you start your days here in Paris?

With a bath, a pot of tea and a piece of black bread smothered in avocado and poached egg.

And what is a typical day here like for you?

I don’t have typical days in Paris. I try to walk or bike as much as I can, and I like to duck into a museum or two a day between appointments. Every now and again I like to get into an argument with a taxi driver.

How is that different to your days in New York?

In Paris I spend my days in constant revelry. In New York I’m mostly muttering under my breath.

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Tell us about the show. How do you plan your days with filming plus all of the appointments for DVF?

Filming has become a very organic part of our days. The crew is wonderful and, after a year of working with us, have become a big part of our DVF family.  We barely notice whether the cameras are on or off. The show is a slice of our life inside DVF, so they really are capturing every part of what it takes to work inside a company like ours. I am looking forward to the episode where the crew just films us sending emails.


You’re always working on numerous projects, how do you juggle all of these (especially when you’re on the road!)? 

I am still trying to figure that out! You have to plan ahead in some things and be able to respond to others on the spot. Triage is my forte though you don’t want things to get to that point too often. A fully charged phone, an Uber account, a metro card and lots of snacks are my best juggling tools.


What did you pack for this trip? Any essentials?

DVF is infinitely packable. You can just ball most our collection up and throw it into your suitcase. Our pieces also take up no space so you can pack even more of them. That said I do travel with a lot of black basics — bodysuits/turtlenecks/camisoles/t-shirts. I also like to bring along at least ten pairs of novelty tights. For flair. I never wear them.


A Day With Jessica
jessica joffe garance dore photo

Do you have a must-visit spot when you come to Paris? 

Le musée Gustave Moreau/Pierre Hermé/les pharmacies françaises/le restaurant Chez Omar/Saint-Sulpice/le Jardin d’Acclimatation/Deyrolle/Berthillon


What’s the strangest or coolest thing that’s happened so far on this trip?

The fact that Sunday was 70 degrees and I got to eat ice cream at a turn-of-the-century amusement park (Jardin d’Acclimatation) with my pal’s 6 year old daughter is pretty cool.


Is every day here as crazy as the last, or do you get a break? How do you spend that time?

I find Paris the opposite of crazy. I do fall in love with the city every day afresh so therein may lie my madness. I find the tempo here slow enough to find a lot of clarity. By the time I get somewhere in Paris I find I’ve used the time en route to figure out a solution to the problem I started my journey with.


What are some tips you have for surviving Paris Fashion Week?

Don’t take it so seriously. There’s a whole new set of collections waiting for you in three months!


jessica joffe garance dore photo


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