My Dear Period,

I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced, you and me.

One day, you arrived without warning. I was still a child. I was such a child, I didn’t realize I was becoming a woman. My chest had started to fill out, and I didn’t even notice. I didn’t look at my body back then. I lived in it.

The Beauty of Asymmetry

The Beauty of Asymmetry

Adorning oneself in beautiful jewelry will never get old, but the way in which we do so is ever-changing. It was layers in the...

The minis

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Tori: Excited for Everlane to get into my pants. Carie:...

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The Beauty Edit: Sensitive Skin

Our favorite products that are as kind as they are...

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@sundays_are_for_ lovers

A love letter from our intern, Olivia…. I started...

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Atelier Dore

March for Our Lives

A note from our intern, Cienna… I sat with tears...

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Rupi Kaur Atelier Dore

Rupi Kaur

Since day one [a woman] already had everything she...

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It’s A Wrap!

The dress that looks good, feels good, and lasts a...

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Ad?na Reyter Atelier Dore

Adina Reyter Necklaces

When I first moved from Los Angeles to New York there...

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Atelier Playlist

Morning Vibes

I’ve started to get back into the habit of...

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Minnie’s Salted Caramel and Bread Pudding

Minnie’s on Clinton is the restaurant embodiment of that effortlessly cool girl you spy sauntering the streets of New York. She seems like she’s totally not trying, but how is she not trying when my “not trying” starts and ends with a bathrobe?! Take that girl and make a restaurant out of her and you’ve got Minnie’s, with its casually distressed chairs, corner location in the LES, and wholesome, ingredient forward menu with a dash of hot sauce thrown in for good measure. I urge anyone in New York to check out Minnie’s in person, but in the meantime, here’s a little recipe for some bread pudding topped off with salted caramel sauce. It’s sure to give you a sugar rush so we can forget its February if only for a split second.

Tasnim Ahmed Atelier Dore

Things I Learned From Sisterhood

Tasnim is a young woman who immediately strikes you with her wisdom that takes others a lifetime to achieve. Her wisdom is...

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Only the Essentials
  • Only the Essentials
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The Carry All

The Carry All

Back to Blazers

Back to Blazers

fashion essential the espadrille atelier dore photo

The Espadrille

fashion essentials the white jean atelier dore photo

The Jean Pool

leather jacket garance dore photo

Essentials / A Soft Leather Jacket

Essentials / A Long Tailored Coat

Essentials / A Long Tailored Coat

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

My Essentials / Costanza

My Essentials / Costanza

My Essentials / Alessandra

My Essentials / Alessandra

Vicki in Morocco

I have not been lucky enough to meet Vicki in person yet, but judging from these photos and our brief interaction over email — I can’t wait. She was one of the guests at our Morocco retreat last year where everyone else also fell instantly in love with her style, and more importantly her. Also, anyone who is game to jump on a bed to get the photo is someone I will get along with famously. Not to mention she looks so good while doing it.

Eleonore Atelier Dore

A Beauty Minute with Eléonore Toulin

Morning: I wash my face with La Roche-Posay Effaclar facial cleanser and then I spray my face with Bioderma Hydrabio Brume and let it dry. Then I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar day cream. For make up, I put Bobbi Brown...

Marina Atelier Dore

Style Story / Marina Cortbawi

Walking into Marina’s Upper West Side flat was walking into a dream. I’ll let the following images back me up. Her generous hospitality and warm demeanor made me feel right at home (tea? croissant? don’t mind if...

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