I’ve always had a kind of boyish side when it comes to household chores. You know, I’m the messiest, least organized person on the planet, and plus, I’m way too important of a person to pick up after myself.

And of course, I figured out pretty quickly that if I skipped buying a pair of shoes, I could pay for a house cleaner, and my life is forever changed. It’s such a luxury for me.

There’s nothing better.

Style Story / Brooke Garber Neidich

Style Story / Brooke Garber Neidich

I am partial towards poised, sophisticated women – ones who possess a kind of cosmopolitan sensibility. When I saw Brooke in...

The minis

things we slacked atelier dore photo

Things We Slacked

Caitlin: Aubrey Plaza + “weed nuns,” enough...

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Slip & Slide

Slides can be dressed up, pool side and beyond! Slides,...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Dear Julia,

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pocket pmf emily note natalie holme tori lazar atelier dore photo

Cat Calling

The New York Times’ Modern Love column this week...

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nora ephron words of a woman

Nora Ephron

I try to write parts for women that are as complicated and...

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Double Knot

Loving the strap detail on this tank! Top, Galvan ; Pants,...

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If you’re as obsessed with fashion and home inspo as I...

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On the Road

On the Road

It’s road trip season so we’ve compiled our...

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Julia Sherman’s Salad for President

Salad gets a bad rap; not always taken seriously as a complete meal, instead associated with restrictions and diet fads. On the contrary, and I am a big believer in this, salads can be hearty, wholesome, and highly nourishing for many! Julia Sherman knows this, and not only is she interested in the nutritional appeal of a salad, but also the artistic.

Studio Visit / Christiane Spangsberg

Studio Visit / Christiane Spangsberg

I was immediately drawn to Christiane Spangsberg’s work. Maybe it’s the simplicity of her oddly intimate single line...

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Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road

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Run Wild

Upstate team retreat Garance Dore studio photos

Smells Like Team Spirit!

road trip maine neada garance dore photos

Road Trip To Maine

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Beauty On The Road

Southampton Getaway

Southampton Getaway

hitting the highway road trip audrey hepburn garance dore photos

Hitting the Highway

upstate guide travel garance dore photos

Weekend Guide: Upstate

A Holistic Approach: Dr. Shirley Madhere

I met Shirley Madhere a few years ago through a friend and loved her right away. She is a plastic surgeon and an authority in her field, but she’s also the most approachable and sweetest person ever.

Of course I always have so many questions to ask – with her holistic approach, she’s become one of my number one references in beauty. She was the one to tell me to strip down my beauty regimen for example. She’s a real pro at less is more, and she has so many lessons to teach, even if like me you’ve never gone under the knife, I thought this could be a great conversation.

And it was.

fashion essentials the white jean atelier dore photo

The Jean Pool

Have you noticed a shift in the jeans we’re wearing? Varieties of kick flare, cropped, wide and straight leg are seen in abundance, while memories of the once dutiful skinny jean slip into the background…

lifestyle topless atelier dore

Nip Slip

I’m a born Parisian and a learned New Yorker, and as similar as the two cities can be, I’ve got two very distinct cultures diverging in my one perspective, especially on boobs. In short, I’ve always been...

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