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Lawren Howell seems to have mastered duality. A post-New York life in her homeland of California, motherhood and flourishing career, the ability to be both refined and eclectic in style (and interiors alike!) A stylist and consultant living between Ojai and Venice Beach with her beautiful family, Lawren is a crisp example of a modern woman. Elegant, intelligent, and thoughtful, she welcomed Jessie into her Venice home and answered all of our questions about style and influence.

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Loewe’s Ibiza

When Pia was in Ibiza, she wandered into a shop and coincidentally the only other customer in the shop was Liam Aldous, author...

The minis

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Never forget that your intuition is a superpower....

6 hours ago by

The Dress: An Autumn Transition

Turning a summer frock into an autumn ensemble is...

9 hours ago by

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The City That Never Shuts Up

I know this is New York and I know that the city is...

1 day ago by

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In Transit

Our favorite songs to get from point A to point B. On...

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Atlantique Ascoli

Simplicity never does me wrong.

2 days ago by

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Things We Slacked

Vanessa: Can’t wait to try this. Caitlin: Because...

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Cute as a Button

Sometimes it’s the little things in life –...

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Lucy in Ibiza

Lucy Folk knows about traveling style. Unsurprising, as the Australian designer spends half the year in Paris and just so happened to be on holiday in Ibiza the same week we were there. It doesn’t hurt that she also designs an eponymous brand that looks really good all over the globe.

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Alessandra’s Ibiza

When we told Viviana we wanted to do a guide to Ibiza, she immediately suggested an Italian — her friend, Alessandra...

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Planting for the Future: Matthew Kenney

Planting for the Future: Matthew Kenney

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Puncturing Consciousness: Rose McGowan

Puncturing Consciousness: Rose McGowan

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Wedding Planning

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Doing Well

Here to Be Here: Jenny Slate

Here to Be Here: Jenny Slate

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The Price of Illusion: Joan Juliet Buck

The Price of Illusion: Joan Juliet Buck

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Living with Roommates

Meet Sir Joan

Ibiza feels so romantic and deeply rooted in its cultural history of art and music. Images of the hippie island scene in the 70s flood my mind whenever I think about it. My great Aunt and Uncle even met and fell in love in Ibiza back in the day…

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Well Balanced

We were introduced to Antonio by Viviana. The two of them met in Pescara in 2005, an encounter Antonio playfully describes as “love at first thighs!” It’s true, Viv has great legs. Antonio is a yoga devotee...

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This week, we’ll be sharing stories from Ibiza, where we worked on some beautiful projects and met with some wonderful people. What we said the other day was true: Ibiza slipped onto our radar, so we took the...

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