Essentials / Denim Jacket

Denim jackets and spring are a match made in seasonal dressing heaven. I don’t know what it is, but something about throwing one on immediately brings an element of cool that can’t be beat.

Celsious Atelier Dore

How to / Modernize Your Laundry Routine

When Tori sent me a link to Celsious, an eco friendly laundromat in Brooklyn headed up by two stunner sisters from Germany, my...

The minis

Heather Day Atelier Dore

Heather Day

One of my favorite movie quotes is from Mr. and Mrs....

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Survey Atelier Dore

Atelier Doré Survey

Can you believe it’s almost one whole year since we...

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Givenchy Atelier Dore

Things We Slacked

Gabby: I agree, turtlenecks, they will never fail you!...

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Nailed It

It’s time to get those fingers and toes ready for...

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Garance Dore

A Comment on Our Comments

Our Dear Readers, Comments on this site have always...

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Carolina Spencer Atelier Dore

Carolina Spencer and Matagalán

I found myself, time and time again, scrolling past...

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Amelia Earhart Atelier Dore

Amelia Earhart

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the...

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Garden Party

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term flower power....

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Modern Romance

When I finally write that book that’s been sitting on my chest and in my heart for the past ten years, I already know what the dedication will be; “To the women.” I believe the most romantic relationships I’ll ever be involved in are with my female friends. The smallest of gestures from squeezing my hand and asking me to text them when I get home, to insisting on buying my five dollar coffee just because I’ve had a bad week, to showing up on my doorstep with a bottle of wine and cheese for no reason, to long dinners that have no end in sight because we have so much to tell the other despite seeing each other just the week prior.

Hair Tips and Tricks atelier dore

Your Hair Secrets

In the world of hair, there are two types of people – those who don’t have to think about their hair, and those that do. I...

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The Carry All

The Carry All

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fashion essential the espadrille atelier dore photo

The Espadrille

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The Jean Pool

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Essentials / A Soft Leather Jacket

Essentials / A Long Tailored Coat

Essentials / A Long Tailored Coat

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

My Essentials / Costanza

My Essentials / Costanza

My Essentials / Alessandra

My Essentials / Alessandra

Ezra Petronio: Content Matters

I was always a fan of Ezra Petronio. He’s probably one of my first influences, when I was a young twenty something and looking at photos in Self Service magazine, that he created with his then partner, Suzanne Koller. I was a kid of the ’90s, and profoundly marked by the new freedom that appeared in fashion, the poetic rebellion and all the generation at work in those pages. Since then, Ezra became one of the most important creative director of his generation, helping craft the image brands that also shaped my eye, from Prada to Chloé to more recently juggernauts like Zara. Ezra is smart, direct, warm, and he has the curiosity I’ve only encountered in visionaries.

Today we’re in his apartment in Paris and we share points of views on the creative process, working with the masters and the world of fashion today. I hope you love Ezra’s mind and voice as much as I do.

Eléonore Toulin Atelier Dore

Effortless Eléonore

I am wearing a faux fur coat with Levi’s jeans, a vintage cardigan and a pair of black converse. I like to dress simple and comfortable and mix it with a strong piece like my fur coat – I think it makes the...

Lauren Snyder Atelier Dore

Lauren’s Renovated Maison

I’m one of those people who attends open houses when I have no business (let alone money) to buy a home. Instead I like to wander through the old homes and imagine what I would do if I did have the money to give...

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