Hot Headed

Like cleanliness habits and horoscopes, the way you deal with your hair says a lot about you. This feels especially true in the summer when humidity runs rampant and every day activities result in sweat, frizz, and an urgent desire to just cut it all off.

Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

Naura is a New York based lawyer with an affinity for vintage – an unexpected combination of characteristics I am more than...

The minis

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Never forget that your intuition is a superpower....

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The Dress: An Autumn Transition

Turning a summer frock into an autumn ensemble is...

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the city that never shuts up atelier dore photo

The City That Never Shuts Up

I know this is New York and I know that the city is...

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studio playlist mini garance dore photo

In Transit

Our favorite songs to get from point A to point B. On...

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book of looks atlantique ascoli atelier dore photo

Atlantique Ascoli

Simplicity never does me wrong.

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Things we slacked photo

Things We Slacked

Vanessa: Can’t wait to try this. Caitlin: Because...

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Cute as a Button

Sometimes it’s the little things in life –...

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Nina Clemente’s Fettuccine Bolognese

Hailing from the northern reaches of Italy, Bolognese beautifully checks off all of your major food groups in one delicious dish, and magically pairs nicely with a crisp glass of the wine of your choosing, though on a warm summer evening, I’d go with white.

Good to Go

Good to Go

I’m sure I’ve told you many times that I’m a huge fan of low-maintenance beauty, especially when it comes to my hair. As a...

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Planting for the Future: Matthew Kenney

Planting for the Future: Matthew Kenney

pocket pardon my french money emily note carie packard caitlin weiskopf atelier dore photo


Puncturing Consciousness: Rose McGowan

Puncturing Consciousness: Rose McGowan

pocket pardon my french weddings emily note caitlin weiskopf garance dore atelier dore photo

Wedding Planning

pocket pmf daphne javitch garance dore photo

Doing Well

Here to Be Here: Jenny Slate

Here to Be Here: Jenny Slate

pocket pmf tori lazar natalie holme alison belilty garance dore photo


The Price of Illusion: Joan Juliet Buck

The Price of Illusion: Joan Juliet Buck

pocket pardon my french living with roommates brittany albert emily note alison belilty garance dore photo

Living with Roommates

An Atelier Doré Retreat!

I’m so excited to finally share with you a project we have been working on for quite some time now…

If the Sneaker Fits

If the Sneaker Fits

Sneakers are meant to be uncomplicated. Like, wake up late and throw on any pair you have in your closet with any combination of clothes you can conceive and know that it will look good and, more importantly,...

beauty minute ally walsh atelier dore photo

A Beauty Minute with Ally

Morning: I start by washing my face with just water, then I switch between different oils as moisturizer. Right now I’m using Earth Tu Face or Wildcare. Linné makes a really nice serum which I usually start...

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