At Home

It’s kind of like a double gift to myself. First of all, my house is finished. And on top of that, it’s in a magazine. Plus, I’m on the cover.
I’m not going to pretend to be modest about it. I’m incredibly thrilled!

I had been dreaming of this house. For years – a place to hold my life and dreams, a place that protects me.

atelier dore three looks michelle lu

Three Looks With Michelle Lu

Michelle Lu is the Co-founder of one of our favorite websites, Semaine. Not only do we love her refreshing approach to fashion...

The minis

How Cum?

How Cum?

It’s Escape Month at the Atelier, and what better...

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Leesa Atelier Dore


About a month ago, I helped moved my little sister into...

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Pocket PMF: Dream Vacations and More

Pocket PMF: Dream Vacations and More

Today, Christina, Vanessa and Veronica sit down to talk...

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I didn’t know that I’ve been wearing the...

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Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Sarah: The Hills is back! Veronica: The story behind...

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It’s finally that time of year when it becomes...

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Violette x In Fiore

Violette x In Fiore

I’m a firm believer that nothing triggers a memory...

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Travel Diary / Out West

So, I started dating a new guy recently. His name is Devin. He’s a really, super amazing guy and we get along great. Really great! But he is totally my opposite. Have you ever seen the show Green Acres? If you haven’t, here’s the summary. A man loves living on the farm and his wife loves living in the city, chaos ensues. I like to think that show, despite airing more than 60 years before Devin and I met, was written about the two of us.

atelier dore LA white story swim beach sweet escape

Sweet Escape

In the beginning of February, Christina came to me and said she wanted to produce a fashion editorial based on Corinne Day’s

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This or That: American or Française?

This or That: American or Française?

atelier dore le meridien art of love chapter three the date

Art of Love / Chapter Three

Art of Love / Chapter Two

Art of Love / Chapter Two

le meridien art of love atelier dore

Art of Love / Chapter One

madewell sezane paris new york tee tshirt garance dore photos

Two Cities

tour triangle paris herzog de meuron garance dore architecture

Touch the Sky

caroline de maigret speaks fiaf garance dore photos

See Caroline!

melissa bon style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Melissa

Garance Dore Illustration

Things Parisians Do

Gut Feels

In today’s edition of “sexy water cooler topics”, we’re going to talk about gut health. And, as the official, self-appointed, writer of all things unsexy-but-incredibly-important this is definitely within my repertoire. It’s something I’m also super passionate about after my personal five-year deep dive into my own gut health, that very nearly ended in a fecal transplant – which yes, is exactly what you think and is every bit as disgusting as you can imagine. I didn’t go through with it; instead enlisting a host of holistic practitioners to first see if I could heal my gut in other ways (removing stress by way of ditching my high-anxiety job was number one, FYI.)

atelier dore astrology nadine june

How To / Astrology

At the studio, I sit across from the bubbly and talkative Mary. When she realized it was March 1st last week she exclaimed, “Oh my god! I have a new horoscope to read!” It made me chuckle a bit on the inside...

atelier dore paris street style Anne-Victoire Lefevre

A Street Style With Anne-Victoire Lefevre

Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, effortless, casual. What are you wearing in this image and how does it reflect your personal style?
I’m wearing a trouser from Paloma Wool, boots from Michel Vivien, a...

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