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Happy Sunday everyone! Our favorite Sunday is one spent with breakfast in bed. But have you ever noticed even something as simple as scrambled eggs can be so easily screwed up? That’s where our favorite Sophia comes in. Below she continues our new Essential Recipes series with the perfect recipe for scrambled eggs so everything is easy like Sunday morning…

Sophia Roe Atelier Dore

Sophia Roe Atelier Dore

Three eggs
1 ½ tsp. grape seed oil
Pinch of salt
Black pepper

Make it:

“Make sure to start with eggs that are room temperature. I know most of us have been taught to whisk our eggs until the cows come home, but that ends up breaking down the egg, which can lead to stringy scrambled eggs. So don’t pre-whisk!

Instead, heat a medium-sized skillet over low heat and add the grape seed oil. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add directly to the pan. DON’T SEASON! That will break down the eggs too early and give you a super watery and runny scrambled egg (nobody wants that). You can season the eggs at the end….”

“…keep the pan on the lowest setting. These eggs will take longer than you want them to take to finish, but OMG they’re so creamy and perfect! Just keep the heat on low, and stir the eggs in a figure-8 pattern with the spatula. Take them off the heat, just 30-45 seconds before they’re finished, as they will continue to cook when you take them off of the heat.

I love serving these eggs on toast with some chives, hearty crushed black pepper, and Himalayan sea salt. Low and slow is definitely the way to go for perfectly cooked scrambled eggs! Say no to stringy, spongey, watery eggs for good!”

Sophia Roe as told to Atelier Doré

Sophia Roe Atelier Dore

Sophia Roe Atelier Dore


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