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For a brief and not to be missed run in mid-October, the fifth edition of Nadia Candet’s wondrous and beautifully curated Private Choice will be open in Paris. While you can’t just pop in and visiting requires signing up on their website for an invite, it’s well worth the ten seconds of your time to do so.

Nadia invited us into her home where she prepares for the show and stages the collection before it opens in a Haussmannian apartment in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Visiting the temporary exhibition is like stepping into the home of a well-heeled contemporary art collector, yet with the twist of being able to purchase the items.

Seeing the imaginary collection juxtaposed with the classic, architectural details of Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, opens your eyes to the endless possibilities of curating your own collection, real or imaginary.

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

Opening image: Valérie Belin Portrait of Nadia Candet in 2005, Painting by Louis Granet, Red line by Felice Varini, Special edition chair by Gabriel Orozco, Photo by ORLAN ; Left: Limited edition light by David Pergier, Painting by Vik Muniz, Sculpture by Philippe Mayaux, Chair by Charles Eames from Vitra ; Right: Philippe Mayaux

At Private Choice

Nadia Candet, pictured above.

How did the idea of Private Choice come about?
It’s based on the concept of a private collection. When I was working on Collections particulières as the Publishing Director at Flammarion between 2006 and 2008, I wanted to show the diversity and depth of the collections in France, and help others to discover those collections through the pages of a book. I’m currently doing something similar by inviting visitors to come in and explore the Private Choice collection, giving them the opportunity to acquire pieces in the ambiance of a historic Parisian apartment for the month of October.

What is the theme of this year’s collection?
“The show must go on.”

What is the best approach when it comes to curating a space?
When I visit a place, it has to inspire me and make me want to give new life to the space.

At Private Choice

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior nadia canned private choice

Parallax: Ghada Amer ; Left: Door by Florence Doléac ; Right: Painting by Mathieu Mercier

What do you hope people feel when walking into your space?
At Private Choice, it feels like you’ve been invited into a collector’s cabinet of curiosities. The goal is to create an ephemeral, imaginary collection. The visitor really feels like they’re in an intimate space with the collector’s objects, books, and lifestyle.

We decorate the space with day-to-day objects like diptyque candles, Lenôtre delivers pastries to us, and we serve a variety of teas and juices from Good Organic Only. And the art lovers and collectors who come by have the opportunity to purchase works of art, and designer pieces from artists from 18 different nationalities.

Where does your talent and understanding of art come from?
I come from a family who specializes in Asian Art. My grandfather Carnig Kevorkian was an antiques dealer in the 6th arrondissement of Paris near the Fine Arts school. The Kevorkian foundation has donated many works of Asian art to museums in the US, and as a child, I was surrounded by Persian miniatures and antiques from Mesopotamia. It’s very interesting to place different works of art in context with one another, and start a conversation between different time periods.

What draws you most to commissions?
Commissioning art for your apartment or private space is an adventure and it requires a lot of dedication. The process is very unique. I’ve had Felice Varini create work for my home and for the first two Private Choice shows. This year, I’m asking a very talented young artist named Louis Granet to do a wall painting encrusted with canvases. The Irish artist Malachi Farrell is also going to create a surprise piece for the corridor. We’re going to have several pieces made specifically for this site.

lifestyle interior nadia canned private choice atelier dore

Sculpture, Olivier Blanckart ; Book, Helmut Newton by TASCHEN

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

Left: Nothing is True… by Dora Garcia ; Mirror, Quentin Derouet ; Wheel by None Futbol Club ; Stool by Valentin Loellmann ; “Children Trolley” by Rodney Graham Right: Painting by Elsa Louise Manceaux, Vase by Lalique, Candle by Diptyque, Limited edition lamp by Paul Mouginot, Wooden cord by Bless, Black bag by Issey Miyaké

lifestyle interior nadia candet private choice atelier dore photo

Red chair, Peter Ghyczy ; Wooden sculpture, Ray & Charles Eames from Vitra ; Painting, Ghada Amer ; Chocolate boxes, Maison du Chocolat ; Black chair, Pierre Paulin

You can access Private Choice starting mid-October. Find more information on their website! |


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